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Connecting To The Aether


Many famous Mathematicians and Physicists have spoken about the Aether or ether at great length. The Aether is a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. The best way to describe the Aether would be to say “the space above our heads”. However, it’s far from being empty. Planet Earth is a […]

Wisdom At Work

Something or Nothing It’s easy to find yourself doing nothing and not being able to do something. Write a list of what you will do today and follow through. The list you follow should start to grow. Create sub-lists and arrows reaching out to innovation, concepts and amazing ideas. The mind tends to reach out […]

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?


A spiritual awakening is a happening of self-realisation while seeing reality for what it is. It can happen to anyone, but as an individual, you must seek it. Once it happens to you (awakened), it cannot be undone. You can choose to ignore it and rely on ignorance to relieve the burden you carry. It […]

Is Time Connected To Human Emotions?


Time, a subject that excites existence. The essence of time for many human minds is a straight line, an edge that has a start and finishing point. Comparing life to this thought process makes sense because it’s easy to understand; while being projected in a two-dimensional state of thought. Depending on your job or interests, […]

10 Dark Quotes From The Future

1) “The natural power of the Earth was hidden from your eyes, to feed the greed of the human mind that seeks absolute power through being a miser and enjoying misery”. 2) “Evil is made by the minds of man, suffering is caused by the physical actions of man, War is assembled by a man who […]

The Balance Of Living Things

Spectating life through eyes that can think, create, and make choices is a fascinating venture. Looking out beyond the horizon and watching nature balance itself out; through a simple food chain system, brings with it so many advantages to different types of species. It’s perfect, and everything seems equal, adapted, equipped and ready to deal […]

17 Moments Of Wisdom For You & Your children


1) When frustrated with your young ones, do not strikeout. As this is only a release of tension you are creating within. Project a positive manner and demand control of your inner self. 2) Children spend a lifetime learning to express and deal with their emotions. Help them understand and talk them through different cases […]

The Trees

To you and probably everyone else, Trees are seen as living organic structures. Monstrosities of perfection, moulded from years of evolution. They define landscapes and bring oxygen to our needy lungs. Trees are very complex living organisms that have the ability to sustain life on planet Earth. Without them, we humans would not be here. […]