Many famous Mathematicians and Physicists have spoken about the Aether or ether at great length. The Aether is a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. The best way to describe the Aether would be to say “the space above our heads”. However, it’s far from being empty. Planet Earth is a rock hurtling around our galaxy. The Sun’s gravitational pull locks the planets within our solar system. Our galaxy’s core (A black hole) keeps the Sun on its journey around space and within the gravitational reach of the galactical centre. It all sounds a bit Starwarsy, but it is, in fact, the truth.



Can We Connect To The Aether?

This brings us back to the Aether, which is an energy system packed with a blanket of positively charged waves. We as humans can connect to it, thus enabling ourselves to extract and store data. We all radiate different frequencies and resonate with distinctive vibrations. The good news is, we can tap into these phenomena. We have a built-in receiver that allows us to connect to this energy system. Ideas, creative thoughts, intuition, future events and much more can be extracted. You can tap into other people’s minds and absorb their thought processes. Imagine everyone’s thoughts stored or living in a shared hard drive. Everyone can access this drive.




You can connect to the Aether and not even know you’ve done so. The main reason for this is the fact most of us don’t believe it exists. The best way to access this energy system is to try and think creatively, meditate or run through academic processes that go beyond the textbook. The creative mindset gives better conditioning or the ability to reach out and extract and connect to the Aether.

Connecting To The Aether

The list below defines how we can achieve this.

  1. Sometimes when you think you have come up with an original product, concept or book idea. After some research, you might find that the idea already exists. Past or existing data can be accessed directly.
  2. If you write, sometimes you just start typing and then read over what you have created. You have no idea where this came from; It’s like something else gave you the information.
  3. You’re lying in the bath, taking a shower, driving on a long-distance journey. You get ideas for songs, poems, books, films or business ideas. You’re tapping into the shared energy system that surrounds you.
  4. You may even daydream or sleep and then awake with great ideas.
  5. Some people can also tap into the surrounding energy system using meditation.
  6. You may have friends and family members that you talk to often. Perhaps you meet someone new and just connect with them instantly. You find that when talking to these people, ideas, and different thought patterns stimulate creation. Your receivers must be connecting and intertwining with each other. Your connections complement each other, are boosted and work together.
  7. Sometimes, you may be working on a complex problem and can not come up with a fix. You pop out for a walk, have some dinner or start talking to a few other people. When you sit back at your desk, the answer to your problem just falls out of your head.

How Can Humans Connect To A Collective Consciousness Using Modern Physics?

The concept of humans connecting to a collective consciousness using modern physics is a speculative and metaphysical idea, not a scientifically established concept. It’s important to note that while there are theories in physics that explore interconnectedness and the nature of reality, these are largely theoretical and not proven in a way that would support the existence of a collective human consciousness. That being said, I can mention some areas of physics that have been associated with ideas of interconnectedness or a deeper level of reality:

Quantum Entanglement

This is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics where particles become correlated in such a way that the state of one particle cannot be described independently of the state of the other, no matter how far apart they are. Some interpretations of this phenomenon have led to speculation about non-local connections or a hidden level of reality.

Quantum Field Theory

This is a theoretical framework in quantum physics that treats particles as excitations of underlying fields. In this view, all particles are interconnected through these fields, potentially suggesting a deeper level of reality where everything is fundamentally connected.

Holographic Principle

This is a speculative idea in theoretical physics suggesting that all the information in our three-dimensional universe is encoded on a two-dimensional surface. It hints at the possibility of a deeper reality beyond what we perceive.

Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics

There are hypotheses and interpretations of quantum mechanics that propose a connection between consciousness and the fundamental nature of reality. However, these ideas are highly controversial and not widely accepted in the scientific community. It’s important to emphasise that these concepts are often the subject of intense debate and are far from being universally accepted in the scientific community. Moreover, connecting these concepts to a collective human consciousness is a leap beyond current scientific understanding. If you’re interested in exploring the boundaries of science and metaphysics, it’s essential to approach these ideas with an open mind, but also with a critical awareness of the speculative nature of such concepts. Remember that while science provides a powerful framework for understanding the natural world, it may not have all the answers to questions about consciousness, interconnectedness, and metaphysical realities.

What’s The Message?

So, the question is, are you connecting to the Aether, or is it all you? Are you fabricating information into reality from your mind? Or is information stored of every possible outcome awaiting to be unlocked by an energy system we don’t yet understand? “Just a thought”.


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12 thoughts on “Connecting To The Aether

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  3. Saad Ahmed says:

    I have connected to aether many times all I can say it’s heavenly Air and prove that extra terrestrial phenomenon exist!! Thank you

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  10. LATHA SHARMA says:

    Alexandra Eclenza Rumanian owner of Science hub has already researched on this and proven that it’s possible.
    Meditation is an interstice to link indl energy with the universal. So long as you hold that the so called concentration you merge with it, wherein interaction of energy takes place. Hence become one with the whole is possible reality.

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