For every human being on the planet, there comes a moment of significance within their (lifetime) timeline. This moment can put an individual into the history books, change the course of society, heighten our understanding of science or can simply give one, peace, with another human being. This moment of definition can be fundamental: to a small number of people, touch a community, change the world or be much more of a personal footing.

Furthermore, no matter which way you look at your timeline of life; one moment will give you purpose in what we define as reality. A person’s timeline through life will have many little moments of things that will be remembered. For some people, it might be several moments of ‘huge moments’ that define the whole timeline as one great moment of significance. These moments can be quite hard to visualise, so, I will go into more detail (with images) within this article.

Defining A Moment Of Significance

A moment that means something! can come from many avenues throughout a timeline. They can be categorised into the following areas:

  • Career
  • Family Life
  • Love life
  • Personal achievements
  • Hobbies

This list covers most areas that can project a moment of significance. A person’s career is a good example. Let’s say you are an actor and your whole lifespan covers many different films, awards and achievements. There may be one film that defines that actor, one film that pushed their career into the limelight, one film that made the most sales at the box office or one film that won an Academy Award. Overall, their whole career is a moment of significance that can be broken down into small segments. The individual can only define the most important moment. This can change as time goes on and fluctuate between even more or less significant points in time.

Other people who spectate and enjoy that actor, may have their moment of significance that defines the actor in question. These variables can change with choice and perception. Overall, the actor will fall into one or all of these secondary categories:

  • Small moments that lead to one moment
  • Large moments that lead to one moment
  • Small and large moments that lead to the overall moment
  • One moment of significance.

Here is a visual perspective of each moment. These stage points can be arranged in whatever sequence throughout the timeline.


Goals In Life

Understanding these moments can help with your overall goals in life. If you feel frustrated, like you’re wasting time, depressed, or unhappy with your current situation; try and break your moments of life into segments and achievements. It might be that you’re not bothered about achieving anything. However, you have just overlooked the message of this article. A moment of significance can be something simple, timeless or something you can’t see. Here are a few that will make you smile:

  • Giving birth to your child or children
  • The day you got married
  • That top job you won in an arduous interview process
  • The dream home you just walked into
  • The garden you planted is finally coming into bloom
  • The new business you’ve been working on for ten years to get started
  • Writing your first indie or published book
  • Having a moment of clarity that gives you an idea to do something
  • You start talking to your close family members again
  • Reading a story to your grandchildren
  • Walking along the coast of Scotland and feeling the cold air filling your lungs
  • Sitting in an old pub and enjoying the ambience that defines this exact moment in time.

Now that you understand how the significance timeline works. Don’t be too hard on yourself when measuring your success, personal abilities, family life or anything else against your friends and family. Your moment of significance might have already happened, is still to happen or is everything you have put together throughout your life; no matter how big or small.


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4 thoughts on “A Significant Moment In Time

  1. Harishankar.p says:

    I read your article about repeating events. Its been four years and in my life, things are repeating in the same way as four years ago, it’s not one thing that repeated its a collection and in an order the things are repeating. I may be imagining something but I don’t know if the things go like this I may have to face another funeral. So if anything you can come up with helping me understand what it is really, please reply

    • D. J. Irvine says:

      Hello, Harishankar. Thanks for getting in touch, I hope life is going well. What I give you in these articles is observation, what you take away from the structure of these words will entwine with your perspective of reality. If you’re having repeat cycles in your life, try and question what you need to change personally or accept it as part of your journey. The information you gave is very limited, so, I can only make assumptions. Sometimes in life, you won’t be able to make a change, especially if it’s up to someone else to start the process. If you need to adapt or make a change in order to make an adjusted outcome; you need to question yourself. Stay positive and do things that project a good outcome for yourself and others around you. This thought process could or can help with repeated life events.

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