Observations – The Keys To The Universe, manifested itself into reality with one question in mind: what’s on the other side of a black hole? If we as a species were able to build a ship that could enter into the vortex of the unknown: where would we end up and what would we find? From that single question, a burst of new inquisitions arose which created the pages for a book that attempts to answer some of the most significant issues through observation; bending the human mind into a thought process beyond the fabrication of actuality.

Furthermore, this book goes into some additional theories that also entwine fascinating subjects:

Metaphysical Philosophy – Ontology

As the author of this book, I wanted to combine these subjects matters to create a 2-hour read that takes you on multiple journeys. The book is direct, with over 100 pages cut from the final read. This keeps each subject clean and free from too much waffle that can confuse the topics at hand. Each chapter and theory flows into the next one, giving the reader time to reflect and move directly onto a new thought process. Metaphysical philosophy or ontology – combines the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, or potentiality and actuality. Observations – The Keys To The Universe, brings you through life patterns, self-analysis, concerning questions through life and the potential answers for the celestial objects we live on and within.

Gravity Inside A Black Hole

Thinking about how gravity works inside a black hole can create many different types of thought processes. However, the main question is: what’s on the other side of a black hole? The answer is clear to observers, we don’t know because we can’t see it within our observable universe. If we can’t understand something, we have to speculate and base our arguments on looking at possible solutions through investigation. I find the answer to most questions are sitting in front of us through spectating nature, the environment and experimentation. We have devised our modern world through this type of thinking, and great minds have worked in dark secret corners to push forward answers that have changed the way we think and work. Withing a chapter of Observations – The Keys To The Universe – contains theory as to what is on the other side of a black hole and why it’s possible.

Doorways To The Next Chapter

I hope this book opens up new doorways inside your mind. It might change the way you think about life, put you into a tranquil state of projection or, based on your personal beliefs; you might think it’s a complete pile of nothingness. What I hope for most! Is that it unlocks doorways to further your reading. There are great minds before us and still among us; so, please take the time to seek them out and understand how their minds work. Some of these individuals spent a lifetime researching, debating, creating, calculating, designing and mastering theory that represents one moment in time. Reach out and grab hold of their worlds, they are inviting you inside for you to carry on and add to it.

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