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Exploring The 10 Theories Of Consciousness


Consciousness is a complex and debated topic in philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology. There are various models and theories attempting to explain it, but it’s important to note that none are universally accepted. Here are some of the prominent models and theories of consciousness: Dualism: Proposed by René Descartes, dualism suggests that the mind and the […]

Questioning Consciousness


Consciousness is your interpretation of reality. You are what you see and feel. You live life by managing your passion, desires and self-projection as self. It’s your show and everyone is here to watch you. However, we are all part of the same show! There is your paradox, I see you, you see me and […]

A Glimpse Into Metaphysical Philosophy


Metaphysical philosophy, often regarded as the foundational inquiry into the nature of reality, transcends the tangible world and delves into the fundamental questions that underlie existence itself. At its core, metaphysics seeks to understand the nature of being, the essence of reality, and the relationship between the physical and non-physical realms. It grapples with questions […]

11 Powerful Wisdoms To Help Reflect On Life


Some of these wisdoms I have written myself but others I have remembered. Do any resonate with you? 1. Your imagination is a subatomic world of energy that can be manipulated to form physical matter. You are a God! 2. If you compete against other people, eventually, you will become bitter. If you compete against […]

The 5 Senses Of Self


To become the best at whatever you do in both mind and physical connection, you need to be able to make simple calculations of information that is happening around you and everyone else. You absorb vast amounts of data through your five senses. Most of it is discarded because you can’t process it. The key […]

How To Beat Capitalism


Young children don’t see poverty, richness, luxury, wealth, money, inequality, capitalism, democracy or philosophy. Children see emotions and build their new world through the actions of their parents and close family members. Being a child brings a wealth of brilliant memories that help define their current level of consciousness. As adults, we become the slave […]

Parallel Universes Only Exist In Your Mind


Through observation, reading articles, enjoying books on black holes, galaxy creation and theory on multiple dimensions. It all seems a little perplexing; mainly because time becomes the anomaly in all thought processing. Thinking about parallel universes existing as celestial entities, creating an infinite number of cosmic patches with particle arrangements – repeating (creating someone out […]

10 Lessons We Learned From The CoronaVirus

The CoronaVirus sliced through every country like the air needed to fill our lungs with a single breath. Current figures show that it will wipe out around 6-8% of the living population on a global scale. We as a species are very lucky that we didn’t see the opposite, with the virus only leaving 6-8% […]

How Did Humans Really Get Here?


What is the purpose of life? We, humans, living on a planet rotating around the Sun. Our world is shooting around a galaxy that is bound by the grooves of gravity. Our galaxy connects to the fabrication of the universe. A universe packed with black holes that entwine energy, frequency, matter and subatomic systems that […]

Black Hole & Galaxy Creation Theory


We know that black holes are born from large collapsed stars and take different forms and sizes. This can be seen in the beautiful images from our advanced telescopes that manoeuver around the Earth’s orbit. The great Steven Hawking goes into so much detail explaining the mathematics, the event horizon and how different energy particles […]