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What Are The Different Levels Of Consciousnes?


There are many books, articles and blog posts on the internet that give off a different perspective of consciousness. And rightly so, the interpretation of a being’s consciousness, questioning what consciousness is, creates a little bit of a paradox because the thinker is questioning the thinking. It can put the ‘thinker’ into many different aspects […]

23 Life Truths That Mean Something

1. To remember a person’s name the next time you meet them brings a form of welcoming recognition. 2. Always offer your hand in a new social setting. To touch another brings a moment of energy and comfort. 3. Be aware of people’s feelings, as they are powerful to their well-being. 4. Remember you can’t […]

Lost On A Journey Of Wisdom

#1 It’s not the huge celestial entities of the universe that are Godley, its the subatomic energy particles that create everything you can’t see. #2 Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow – Fuckoff! #3 Inside your mind is a universe that connects you to everything imaginable. #4 Help someone today. #5 Every idea has already […]

A Significant Moment In Time


For every human being on the planet, there comes a moment of significance within their (lifetime) timeline. This moment can put an individual into the history books, change the course of society, heighten our understanding of science or can simply give one, peace, with another human being. This moment of definition can be fundamental: to […]

An Out Of Body Experience

Meditation Benefits

To experience the out-of-body phenomena can at first be very scary. If you have no idea what’s happening to you, then yes, of course, it can be frightening. In science, this experience is called sleep paralysis. If you have experienced these states, you, like the rest of us, will have experienced something very magical and […]

The Wisdom Of Life’s Moments

1. The universe listens to you, keep asking it to deliver and your calls will be answered. 2. Sometimes, the universe answers your calls with a choice or with alternative suggestions. At a later date, you will realize that the alternative suggestion was perfect as the original ask would have been a mistake. 3. It […]

Circles – Moments That Repeat In Your Life Time


Have you ever noticed that a situation, a moment or a sequence in your life cycle repeats itself? You might have seen these factors, or you simply regard these moments as just a thing or something that just happens. These moments in time come back to greet you because they conflict with your sense of […]

12 life quotes you should probably read

1) See life for what it is, not many people can do that. 2) Find a quiet room, sit down, relax and be calm with yourself. Now take some time to question reality, disconnect from your conscious and you will be shown that all this isn’t real. 3) Making assumptions is what stupid people do. […]