1. To remember a person’s name the next time you meet them brings a form of welcoming recognition.

2. Always offer your hand in a new social setting. To touch another brings a moment of energy and comfort.

3. Be aware of people’s feelings, as they are powerful to their well-being.

4. Remember you can’t always balance the path of truth, especially to those who can read your eyes. Instead, offer agreement and relish in your sense of knowledge.

5. To tell the truth is a journey to your inner confinements. Only you can control this path, be honest with yourself and others. Take this road, and you will have ultimate respect. To tell a lie is fragile and will earn you nothing.

6. Take a quiet moment every day to think about anything. This moment will bring you the answer and new ideas to everything imaginable.

7. Employment is not everything; spend more time with your loved ones and friends. We can’t all be millionaires, so why overload your time filing one’s pocket.

8. Pride will take you to a place of stature and self-belief. Only another person’s arrogance can break this principle. So be open in your mindset, and you will flourish.

9. A sense of pure calmness is captured just before you fall asleep.

10. When you look in the mirror, smile and look back at yourself. That is you, and you’re beautiful.

11. To walk 3 miles once a week, in one day – will give you a sense of achievement and peace of mind.

12. Health is a balance of everything. Now ask yourself this question. What is everything? The answer will bring you a long life.

13. Animals have personalities and most importantly feel as we do. Remember, we are all made up of the same components; having a higher intellect should be used to look after everything that is in front of us. Knowing this will change your next shopping trip forever.

14. People tend to paint pictures in their mind to help them make sense of a particular situation or scenario. Remember that the finished painting doesn’t always represent actual events.

15. Cuddle someone, give them a good squeeze and both of you will make a chemical connection. Now ask yourself how good you feel after a hug? The person you just cuddled feels as good as you.

16. In moments of stress, where be it from work, relationships, moving, your children or even shopping. Keep composed and remember the battle is part of the war.

17. Wisdom comes from within. If you are struggling to find the answers, Google it.

18. Never take something for what it is, always try and read between the lines and ask yourself the simple question why?

19. Let them win, sometimes, that in itself is winning.

20. Life is always but one moment in time. What are you going to do when you wake up?

21. What do you want to be in life? The only person holding you back is YOU.

22. If your instincts are telling you it’s right! It normally is.

23. Negative information can sometimes be right but always look for a positive in everything.

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