Writing and creating a book filled with love poems is quite a difficult thing to do. It takes time, hours of thought, stamina and endless energy. However, once you get to the point where you can create a book with a new anthology, the whole process becomes very rewarding.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift idea that will tell your partner ‘I Love You’, or perhaps you’ve been thinking about finding something a little different this year? You might be looking for a gift that needs to be thoughtful, considerate and celebrates a love for your past, future and present life together. Maybe you should consider a beautiful book of love poems?

Well, let me tell you, I may have created such a gift. This year (2020) I have launched – Love Poems From The Universe. A thoughtful book packed with words of wisdom, poems and vivid images that define the art of love.

A Book Of Love Poems

I have used both long and short poems that will take you on a journey, paint pictures inside your mind, and will tip your toe in the celestial objects that command our universe into existence. I’ve also penned three personal poems towards the end of the book, which you can highlight with a sticky note, bookmarker or perhaps a pressed flower. This book can also be purchased to tell your partner about your fantastic journey so far. Leave your creative mark in the pages or bind the book with a stunning red ribbon. Why not combine the book with a new diary, a box of chocolates or a gorgeous bouquet of vivid flowers?

Love Poems From The Universe is a considered gift that can be read anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Take it on your travels, share it with your friends or keep it close inside your bedside table drawer.

Here are some sample poems from the book:


She has no scars,
She needs no wings,
She bleeds like an angel crying for her sins.

She weeps for her feelings and loses them in the rain.
She’s dead in the morning until she drinks the golden liquid that can leave a nasty stain.
She waits, she commands, she’s ready with her plan.
She delivers new children into the world without a helping hand.

We stand and stare and wonder how they can,
Who are we?
Just a simple man.



My wife puts things into perspective!
Even when I’m right or wrong – irrespective.
She commands the children with her song,
And I listen, pretending not to see her yawn.

She cooks me a three-course meal,
With white wine and homemade scones.
I offer her an ear for conversation.
While she talks about all life’s wrongs.

Sometimes, I see her running around the bedroom,
In her silky black thong; and then she reminds me of why we could –
Never be alone.

I wait for her whenever she’s late
I smile when she arrives home – late at the gate.
I arise to the occasion, only for her need,
And then she uses me as a sofa – for her delicate little feet.

We nag at each other from the corners of the street.
She bleeds white tears that roll softly down her cheeks.
We laugh together – talking about stories of all our family members,
Making a mess,
While we grow old.

She goes against what I have to say
As we shout for a moment –
On this given day.

She’s my friend,
My lover,
The woman who kisses our children in times of need.
What could any man want more?
If it was only for a moment of greed.

We married in the garden,
Under a sky of wooden beams,
While all our friends and family
Laughed at our Scottish theme.

But now its time to reflect on love,
For this book was penned under the stars from above.

We can now look at each other – through a galaxy of eyes,
And share this dream that was born to surprise.



She drank pink gin, whisky & lemonade
He drunk pink gin, whisky & Indian tonic
As the world turned,
To twist light into a dark adonic.

We see galaxies colliding
As we peer into these glasses of nebula
With the lemon & lime flavour of zest
Bringing us towards another quest.

This moment creates a living chime
Just past the event horizon
That bends the fabric of space-time
Spilling gin & whisky on ice
To make a drink that was made to entice.

We remember the times when we had no means
As the starlight offers up new dreams.

We drink to love
We drink to time
We drink to a partnership
Like pink gin & whisky
Was born to make this climb.


Over ice…
2 shots of pink gin (Pink Gin Lane 1751)
1 shot of single grain Scotch whisky (Haig Club)
2 slices of fresh lemon
1 slice of fresh lime
1 small bottle of Indian tonic water (sparkling)
Or lemonade (Fentimans Rose Lemonade).

love poem book

The Love In Wisdom

Love Poems From The Universe is also packed with wisdom about love and tips to ignite your passion for each other again. These simple ideas will get you both laughing and shaking your head. This book will make you smile about the life journey you follow each other on.

Love is such a powerful feeling in life and sometimes it can get lost with: working, bringing up children, busy lifestyles and can lead to losing your connection for each other. The book uses a little Zen, to remind you! And to focus on what it means to love each other. It’s normally found in the very simple things in life.

12 Poetry Book Gift Ideas

A poetry book is timeless and can be given as a meaningful gift. Here are some ideas:

  1. Valentines day
  2. Mothers day
  3. Anniversary
  4. Engagement celebration gift
  5. Birthday present
  6. Wedding present
  7. For collectors who love poetry (A signed copy would be great)
  8. Leaving employment present – get everyone to sign the back page
  9. Christmas present – stocking filler
  10. Add to the collection of other books by that particular author
  11. Perfect for teacher gifts by students leaving their year
  12. Educational tools for someone who loves creative writing.


As you can see, a book of love poems can celebrate many creative gift ideas. Someone who has never read poetry before can quickly fall in love with the words that fill the delicate pages. Try it, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

The Photography

Love Poems From The Universe is also packed with beautiful photography that will take you on little journeys. The poems and images work together and spill from the pages to saturate your mind with relaxing endorphins. Expect glowing nebula’s, stardust, galaxies, faces of old and couples entwined with love through reality. This book was written to build a picture in your mind that unlocks old memories and even creates new ones.

I decided to print the book in black and white as it captures your imagination with the poetry displayed on each page. It gives the reader heightened thought patterns and helps saturate your mind with vivid thoughts.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect valentine’s day present? Purchase the book on Amazon today. I hope it brings you many more years of happiness and love!

3 thoughts on “A Poetry Book About Love

  1. Brianna says:

    I definitely need to check this out! Will be buying soon 🙂 Just recently got into poetry because of the book, ‘LOVE, ASPIRED: A Book of Poetry & Prose’

    Now, I’m so excited to give this a read, too!

    ‘But now its time to reflect on love,
    For this book was penned under the stars from above.

    We can now look at each other – through a galaxy of eyes,
    And share this dream that was born to surprise.’ — So far, the three poems shared are amazing as wholes, but these lines… Love It!

    • D. J. Irvine says:

      Hello! Brianna,

      Thanks for your lovely words. I will pop your recommendation on my poetry list to buy. I’m reading through 4 books at the moment. But mark my honest words. I will make the purchase. Thanks for popping on the website and leaving a comment. All the best – D. J. Irvine.

  2. J'Naye Wise says:

    I truly agree, creating a poetry book about love is such a pain, however it’ll be worth it just like this amazing book that you wrote. I am a poetry book writer as well and took my awhile in completing my very first book “Hidden Scars”.

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