After the conception of Paradoxical Vista and Death – Composed From The Shadows, I thought it was only fair to write about the most talked-about word of our time, Love! The wife gave me that look, every man knows that look! And she followed it up with “Can’t you write about something nice this time?” I smiled and got to work. Let me tell you, I struggled in the beginning. Writing love poems does not come easy. However, after I rewired my mind and got in touch with the inner depths of feelings for love, the words started to appear from the outer expanse of the universe.

The Content

Love Poems From The Universe is packed with: journeys across the galaxy, stories of poetic love and moments that create beautiful pictures of colour inside your mind. I have also complemented each poem with carefully considered pictures that fall out of each page. I have even jotted down our (Me and the wife’s) secret love potion that intwines pink gin and whisky. This makes for a perfect drink, while you encapsulate your thoughts into another dimension and turn each page for a delicate surprise.

If you would like a little read of what the book contains? just follow this link.

The Book Design

I spent a few hours creating the front cover. It beholds a woman wearing a white dress – walking through the green fields in deep thought, lost and free. She’s wrapped in the pink glow of a distant nebula and a swirling galaxy overlooks the world she resides on. The impact of the pink and subtle green glow from the galaxy holds a dreamy flow; I made everything else black and white to enhance the final vision. I hope you like it?

love poem book
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The description of the book concludes:

A beautiful collection of love poems, written in connection with life, partners, husbands, wives, girlfriends & boyfriends. These carefully constructed works of art will take you to the stars and back. Enjoy travelling through space-time, meeting soulmates and transcending through nebula clusters that will intwine your thoughts with the divine.

I have promised myself to create a hardback for this book in the future, I think it will be a lovely fitting for anyone who collects poetry books and enjoys a transcending journey.

Book Availability

The book is being launched on the first of February 2020 at a cost of £10 (paperback), enabling free delivery for non-prime account holders. Could this little book of wonder be the perfect valentines day gift? If you want to impress your partner with something romantic, packed with love and full of magic, why not get your copy today.

I hope you enjoy the words that fell onto each page. I hope you keep the book and read it every now and then. I hope you tell your friends and pass on the allurement that is hidden throughout the softly spoken poems. I loved writing it and I shall return with another – very soon.

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