She drank pink gin, whisky & lemonade.
He drunk pink gin, whisky &amp Indian tonic
as the world turned to twist light into a dark adonic.

We see galaxies colliding
as we peer into these glasses of nebula;
with the lemon & lime flavour of zest!
Bringing us closer to another quest.

This moment creates a living chime just past the event horizon;
That bends the fabric of space-time;
spilling gin & whisky over ice
to make a drink that was made to entice.

We remember the times when we had no means
as the starlight offers up new dreams.

We drink to love;
we drink to time;
we drink to a partnership like pink gin & whisky was born to make this climb.


Over ice:
2 shots of pink gin (Pink Gin Lane 1751)
1 shot of single grain Scotch whisky (Haig Club)
2 slices of fresh lemon
1 slice of fresh lime
1 small bottle of Indian tonic water (sparkling)
Or lemonade (Fentimans Rose Lemonade).

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