#1 It’s not the huge celestial entities of the universe that are Godley, its the subatomic energy particles that create everything you can’t see.
#2 Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow – Fuckoff!
#3 Inside your mind is a universe that connects you to everything imaginable.
#4 Help someone today.
#5 Every idea has already been thought of; it’s the way you tell the story that captures the listener’s imagination.
#6 Energy is mass and mass is energy – A black hole is an entity which is both.
#7 Is the universe as we know it, sitting in another black hole? Does it only look like it’s expanding as other galaxies move around its edge?
#8 In life, don’t worry about now! (professional or personal achievements) because the present when looked back on in the future – makes sense now. Now when you look back – it all makes sense, it makes you the genius you are today. It’s just the order that it was perceived in; now you have range.
#9 Defining significance over a lifetime gives you a purpose in life.
#10 We are all just bits of energy running and walking around on another bit of energy.

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