Death – Composed From The Shadows


Death – Composed From The Shadows possesses poems on the darkness that awaits us all. Words have been combined, creating alluring visuals that will take you on a journey beyond the shadows. D. J. Irvine has forged a seductive book that will read differently every time you gaze inside. If you have questions about Death or would like to read poetry entwined with philosophy, this book needs to be in your collection.

Death Poems

This book of death poems combines an assortment of rhyme, free verse, and philosophical poems to complete this second anthology by D. J. Irvine. The poetry within these pages is written in different styles, lengths and scenes to help take you off into a different dimension. The eBook version is composed using text only, while the paperback is filled with beautiful photography. Both versions have a very different feeling, helping to capture the reader’s imagination.

Death Is

Death! Will sit next to you, stand at the edge of your bed or take your hand when you sleep; it wants to show you what awaits in the afterlife. As you finish this book, your state of consciousness will climb a new mountain; into this moment, we define as reality.