Cured – Poems To Heal & Restore Your Life Journey


The poems forged from the mind of D. J. Irvine will offer twinkles of vivid lucidity. Your imagination will ignite with energy particles, making your dreams animate into a brilliance of colours. ‘Cured’ will help heal your mind with soft words of alluring anticipation, leaving you seeking out more content that lives within these cream pages.

Cured – is separated into three categories: life, journeys, and restore. Each section offers poetry as a form of healing-whispers that provokes any reader into a sense of tranquillity.

Life: is relative to all the conditions society offers.
Journeys: will take you away to the highest moist clouds and lowest valleys of unthinkable depths.
Restore: wants to heal your mind with words of philosophy and realism while facing the architecture of modern growth.