I’ve always wanted more,
Of everything that’s within reach.
I’ve wanted more, even though I’m holding it!
While trying to teach myself –
It means nothing beyond these tethered dreams.

Even if I had it all,
I would want more beyond what it means
because it all means nothing;
when you’ve climbed that road
and found that pot of shiny deceitful gold.

More knowledge leads to a philosophy of need,
as now I want my name to live out my great-great-grandchildren’s seed.

More money pays for comfort
and a house that could feed all the homeless –
living on the street;
cold from the rain and frost,
biting at their feet.

Power has you fighting for a presidential suite,
and then you realize,
you have now become a face!
That underwrites policies for the weak.

Fame leads to a world of shame,
it doesn’t matter what game you played.

An Olympic star gets a gold medal
on a beautiful ribbon,
which is tucked away in a draw before you leave.

Be anything,
do what you want to achieve,
get caught up in the moment that goes beyond all that need.

Everything I ever had is everything I will ever need.
It was right in front of my face,
it was right in the palm of my dreams.

Everything of all I want.
Everything of all I need:

Is the smile of my children;
is the love from my wife;
is my friends and family talking in the company of my life.

But most of all,
when I look back in my mind,
it was all about the memories;
wrapped up tight from the day I was delivered
into the hands of an unknown midwife.

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