1. The universe listens to you, keep asking it to deliver and your calls will be answered.

2. Sometimes, the universe answers your calls with a choice or with alternative suggestions. At a later date, you will realize that the alternative suggestion was perfect as the original ask would have been a mistake.

3. It isn’t easy to keep going on… but you must! Especially if you can see a reality forming that you envisioned.

4. Life is full of layers and knowledge that gives you purpose. Find what you’re good at, smile and carry on, it will lead you to a beginning or an end.

5. If you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a penny.

6. Climb a hill, swim in a lake, walk along a cold sandy beach, get lost in a forest, visit an old friend or spend the day in the garden planting flowers and shrubs. By the time you get home and put the kettle on, you’ll be so glad you did.

7. Take a long drive, close your eyes in a hot bath, lie on your bed with the window open, sit in front of an open fire. Let your mind open – connect and wonder, listen and watch new ideas fall in front of your very being. These are some of the best ways to be creative.

8. Everything you want to be is locked inside your mind. Don’t be afraid to open it.

9. Don’t tell people you’re skint, find an alternative. Offer a solution or suggest something attainable without much of a fuss.

10. She doesn’t wear makeup, and neither do I.

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