#1 Learn to feel your emotions,
it will give you a heightened sense of reality.

#2 She doesn’t say ‘I love you’ often
but when she does…

#3 There’s nothing warmer in the universe
than cuddling up to your little ones.

#4 Hope, never believed in it.

#5 To do, believe in it (you).

#6 Cry, let the tears run down your cheeks,
taste the salt of life itself.

#7 God whispered in my ear ‘get up and move’.
God was me.

#8 Don’t think of anything as a whole – that can be overwhelming.
Break it down into small segments,
Word by word,
Letter by letter,
Number by number.
Keep working through until you reach the end
Day by day,
Week by week,
Year by year.
The end is near,
The end is nearer,
The end is clear.

It’s the only way to finish your life’s work.

#9 Everything a rich person spouts is wisdom
Real riches – is born from the pansophy of life.

#10 One day I’ll be dead
But I will live through my
Sons and daughters

#11 No one came to visit me when I was poor
Now I’m rich
Everyone keeps knocking down my door.

#12 Remember me in the beginning
and I will remember you at the end.

#13 I gave the world poetry
What more can they want?

Photo by Reza Shayestehpour

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