There are many books, articles and blog posts on the internet that give off a different perspective of consciousness. And rightly so, the interpretation of a being’s consciousness, questioning what consciousness is, creates a little bit of a paradox because the thinker is questioning the thinking.

It can put the ‘thinker’ into many different aspects of a conscious state. The problem arises when you realise that consciousness has many different layers attached to it. These layers help define a person and push them to become who they are and why they are here.

Consciousness turns itself ‘on’ inside your brain at a very early age. The first baby smile, the first time they put their arms out for a cuddle, or form tears of fear or even that first look of acceptance – those tiny, significant moments is consciousness at work. It activates and turns on like a newborn star moving away from the centre of its galaxy. Consciousness grows with your perception of reality and defines your very existence on this planet.

If you spend enough time with animals, you will notice they also have a very high level of consciousness. They are very aware and interact, develop personalities and even dream, as we do. However, animals live in stage 1 and 2 of consciousness, and they understand the dangers of reality, death, social acceptance, language and communication. Still, there is a limit to how they have evolved with the environment. They don’t create, build or advance their level of consciousness unless there is an environmental change, to which they have to adapt. These considerations don’t mean animals are not intelligent and don’t have feelings as we do; the fact of the matter is – they do.

Because animals interact and live with the environment, they can quickly use their instincts to shape and define their existence. Humans still have instincts; however, we have learned to develop our environment through the use of tools. This mechanism has given us creative thoughts that have pushed us to build and design technologies.

To define consciousness would be to say;

Consciousness is a ‘living beings’ interpretation of reality, which can expand and develop over a lifetime. Consciousness is everything we can perceive through thought, which can spark the mind into a state of creativity that projects a new interpretation of the very thing we call consciousness.

Now we have a clearer understanding of what consciousness is. It becomes our duty and responsibility to look after, nurture, love and create an equilibrium with all species with consciousness. These very words have now given you a conscious that makes you question how you see all other living things.

In the future, all living species will be sacred. Vegan and vegetarianism will be standard for everyone, while synthetic meat farms will grow food as an alternative delicacy. Slaughtering of animals will be forbidden, and we will look back in history with our expanding state of consciousness and shake our heads into our hands.

One of the underlying components to understanding the basic principles of consciousness is having the ability to feel.

  1. We feel through emotions
  2. We feel through touch
  3. We feel through thought
  4. We have an array of emotions that we are born with and learn to develop and strengthen as we mature into adults
  5. We can learn skills such as music, sport, art, cooking, educational subjects and much more, which directly links us to a heightened emotional state. Humans like these emotions, these feelings, and the endorphins they release into our mind as a reward.

Most of us go through life without even questioning what consciousness is and why it exists. It’s just part of being human, and life goes on. However, our conscious state is still evolving – as a species – and for individuals trying to understand their position in this universe. We are on a path to unlocking our very existence with the ability to travel to new worlds and keep on existing. Without a developing consciousness, we would fail to move forward and grow as ‘light beings’ who smile back at our galaxy.

Having an understanding of our consciousness helps us visualise the past, present and future. It helps build pictures inside our mind while learning, developing and pushing boundaries beyond our imagination.

With this introduction, we can now look at the different levels of consciousness:

Level 1 State Of Consciousness

Everyone is born with consciousness, and it’s been evolving for thousands of years. It’s learned adaptations pass through your DNA and awakens your mind as you grow from an infant into a young adult. It defines you and tells you who you are. The voice inside your head guides you through all these moments on your lifeline. For most people, that’s enough, that’s all they need to know, and they won’t question it further. This state tells you the difference between right and wrong, how to love and protect your family, learn new skills and make a living within this current state of society. This level keeps you in a state of feeling safe, secure and the need to get through life in a state of acceptance within your employment, circles of friends and family life. Unfortunately, this state of consciousness can be broken through several anomalies. Because consciousness is directly linked to your mind and feelings that keep your state of existence in the form of normality, it can be shattered. Any type of prolonged physical, mental, or substance abuse can send a normal state of consciousness into problems. These factors can be related to mental health issues that need time, recovery and help to heal. The minds frequency is out-of-sync with the resonation that defines reality. Mental health issues can happen at any level of consciousness – not just at level 1. Humans with a level 1 state of consciousness tend to be the *working-class people. This is directly linked to knowledge and intelligence. If an individual is prepared to put the time into expanding their knowledge, they can expand into level 2,3 and beyond.

*Define the working-class people: If you get up in the morning, evening or night and go to work to pay the bills, you are defined as working class. Working-class covers many job titles, including manual labour, desk jobs, directors, company owners, solicitors and designers. Some working-class people have more luxurious items or a slightly more spacious home in a nicer area. However, you’re still defined as working-class.

Level 2 State Of Consciousness

Your state of consciousness forms part of your basic instincts. The ability to feel, construct images inside your mind – that show you the past, present and future; external factors that make you react to different situations, consciousness can be grown and expanded on. The secret or key to this expansion is knowledge. Your level of intellect defines your intelligence which directly comes from learned knowledge. The greater your thirst for knowledge – the greater state your consciousness can develop and grow. You need to have a self-taught mindset. This level is the first layer towards gaining a better understanding of yourself. You’re starting to open up doorways inside your mind. You are connecting with books, education and other sources of material that helps you move forward with your career and life. This category of person tends to have a slightly higher state of consciousness.

Level 3 State Of Consciousness

Developing a level 3 state of consciousness comes directly with reading many subjects. You’re not dappling in just one area, your reading through books about history, science, religion, physics, poetry and art. Your mind starts to combine your knowledge with deep thought processes, and you realise your growing. You think beyond the next page before you read it, or the next page is already sitting in your mind. You start to feel the writer, the words, you see art and read poetry in a way you thought you never could. This is you, developing a higher state of consciousness. You start to feel people while in conversation, you can pick up on tiny amounts of body language, you give them your knowledge, you feel like you’re helping them, and you can push others on the correct life path. You might start writing a book of your own. You also start thinking beyond your imagination and enjoy the spark of creativity that fills your mind.

Level 3 is a beautiful state to be in, and I call this the ‘finding me’ stage. You as a being are starting the see beyond the reality you are bound to. You’re breaking free, you’re starting to see life for all that it is.

Level 4 State Of Consciousness

Developing a heightened state of consciousness takes time, years in fact. It can’t and won’t happen overnight. It would help if you started seeking it and living the journey that takes you beyond thought. You have to learn to resonate with yourself through meditation, which stimulates your inner and outer interpretation of reality. It would help if you learned to combine your knowledge with your physical body. You start to see that the organic matter around you is a vessel. You’re only borrowing your body to experience this reality we call life. The best way to combine both physical and mental presence is through the art of meditation.

There are 4-5 states of mediation that helps you to develop an intensive perception of reality. You will see different conditions of your life journey, feel stress-free, your mind becomes calm and collective, and your senses sharpen to show you all that forms the reality surrounding you.

From here, you start to understand that although you know your true self, you can begin to see and feel that all humans have the capacity to acquire a collective state of consciousness. Which is the key to our survival, bringing balance back to our world, and pushing our way of life to a future; where we all feel free!

There have been many recent and past events which have awoken our state of consciousness. Some of the latest include:

  • Climate Change
  • Plastic waste in the sea
  • Deforestation
  • Coronavirus
  • Wars in the middle east
  • Major earthquakes or volcano activity.

These are global events that are magnified by media channels. Everyone stops – looks up, and has thoughts that can stimulate actions. Media coverage like this directly affects our collective state of consciousness and can branch out, create new pockets of thought patterns and behaviours. Most of us start working together and adapt to secure our survival, which gives us more understanding of what ‘collective consciousness’ actually is. Overall, these types of observations are why it’s so important to understand. Once you see how easy it is to control the minds of the whole planet, manipulation can be achieved through those same media channels. Deceitful information can spread, blatant lies or layers of truth can seem withheld to show and train the minds of the collective consciousness. If you look back on history, you don’t have to go back that far; you will see how misinformation projects a false sense of reality for a global audience.

The Future Of Consciousness

People who have a higher position in society (elitists), who look after democracy, based on the rules of capitalism, create a paradox. The collective public believes they are being looked after, nurtured or protected for a fairer and better future. And rightly so, they have worked a lifetime holding the elitists up and paying for their position of stature. We believe that one can’t live without the other (The Paradox), but the truth is; we can live collectively without the need for any elite or elitist establishment.

Moreover, the elite at this present time of collective consciousness needs to be here. The elitist groups offer direction, keep the structure in place, offer balance, move society forward and have the ability to connect global conditioning. You need to study history to understand this. Owning land, having a title, creating laws, paying taxes and creating a political backdrop; helps structure the future of our collective consciousness.

Unfortunately, our collective consciousness is not advanced enough yet to work without it. Our current state is low because our knowledge is not aligned nationally and globally. The good news is, we are on the right path, but we need to do more. The future is in our youth and holding education in the highest possible place for everyone. Things we need to include in the education system and at home from a young age – include:

  • Meditation sessions for all students
  • More creative tasks that link to the academic workload
  • Advanced nutrition and gardening skills (Every school should have plots for all children)
  • Creative writing with poetry and philosophy
  • Political models.

We have come a long way in the past 500 years, which is only six to seven generations old. Think where we could be in another 500 years, or 1000 years. Practise this mindset and always think about the future and what you can do now! To help develop your ideas. As our consciousness continues to evolve, we are working towards a free society; one where human beings are working towards a goal. For the majority of humans at the moment, our goals are:

  • Money to pay for bills
  • Money to pay for a new car
  • Money to pay for a holiday
  • Money to pay off debts
  • Money to eat food
  • Money to live.

If we took out the money cycle from our society, we could collectively work towards a free society. That’s why we would work, build and make advancements for the future because we live for free. Imagine not having to worry about money, debts, and bills. Imagine combining your free will to create new ideas or using your time to benefit a collective consciousness that defines the human race as one entity. That will be the future or a moment in time that has its place in existence.

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