#1 These words mean what you want them to mean.

#2 Sometimes, the best thing to do is just cry on-your-own, and be in the dark. It brings a smile when you walk back into the light.

#3 Do you ever feel that something is not quite right? That’s because this isn’t.

#4 With older age, your mind receives information the way its meant to be.

#5 Sleep until 2 o’clock in the afternoon at least once a week; it’s the only way to fly in your dreams.

#6 In your spare time, work towards a second income, choose wisely and make time for it.

#7 Why? How? Now! your time is limited – get the job done.

#8 Make love whenever you can.

#9 Listen to people, listen more! sometimes it’s best not to even engage.

#10 We all can’t be famous, we all can’t be rich, we all can’t have the best seller or the best looking car; but we can leave a mark, to spark a younger generation.

#11 If you’re reading these words, count yourself privileged. People are dying for no reason as you peer through your screen, or lift the white pages filled with air.

#12 The next time you stand in a room full of people, try and feel the energy that resides in all beings. Everyone is just trying to connect.

#13 You like what you like, you love what you love, and you snub what you want; it’s life’s little song.

#14 Without the nuts and bolts, it, will fall over.

#15 If you have a creative block, just start typing, drawing, dancing or painting and it will come.

#16 Game consols and social media addiction will turn you into a hermit. Switch it off!

#17 Why are you here? The answer is not in these pages. You are alive!

#18 Reach inside your mind and remember to be kind.

#19 Be your best at what you like and your name might live forever!

#20 Do these words speak to you? Or are you! speaking to these words?

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