Let me take you on a journey beyond where the sun sets,
creating a marble golden breeze effect.
See behind the aperture of the sky, touching the darkness of space;
where the blackness of your pupil hides.
Reach out with your mind and let your third eye radiate into this distant time.

As long as you look,
love will find a way to be kind
while unravelling the edges of realities climb.
He will find you!
And she will see you!
On an odyssey that makes love entwine.
Beneath and between the curvature of this dream,
emotion gives armour for all the unseen.

Breathing enchantment into each other ears
brings allegiance to love for all these new years.
Walk with each other while others play that song.
Dance in the shallow water where nothing can go wrong.
Break for the valley and run for the thrills
because love makes life so strong.

Enjoy the adventure that brings laughs through hate,
and fills up a plate with tears that create.
Rome through the bark filled woods
and watch the deer stand and run from your room.
Venture upon the moon in the lake,
while holding a candle for no given sake.
Breathe the frosty morning into your souls
while the fire burns bright at your little toes.
Seek a quest that finds memories more expensive than gold.

Do it all and do it together
as love offers the fabric for a voyage to be told.

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