Have you ever noticed that a situation, a moment or a sequence in your life cycle repeats itself? You might have seen these factors, or you simply regard these moments as just a thing or something that just happens.

These moments in time come back to greet you because they conflict with your sense of perception. Many people put these repeat events down to coincidence. However, can these repeated experiences be put down to a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances with an apparent causal connection?

The answer to this question is difficult to understand, especially, how we as humans perceive reality. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet uncovered all the secrets to these phenomena, but let’s look at some ideas that could give us the answers to which we seek.

Moments In Life That Come Back

So, what can we classify as a repeated event? There are many to choose, from the situations that build our journey. Some play a major significance in our life, while others have little to no effect. Let’s look at some examples:

  1. You meet an old friend from school every so often, even if you live at other ends of the country
  2. An old girlfriend/boyfriend or someone you liked (fell in love with) appears in your life now and again. Possibly 5 to 6 years apart or on a fallen day of the week. You find yourself walking past them and exchanging eye contact
  3. You keep meeting or seeing a person (You don’t know them), you may have seen someone on your social profiles. This face often appears for no reason. You end up meeting them in an aspect of employment, another event or social scenario. This person ends up playing a significant role in your life. It might only be for a short period or possible lifelong role
  4. You meet an old school teacher again
  5. You keep seeing that product in different shop windows
  6. Holiday cycles repeat and you end up going to the same places
  7. You end up in a childhood place once every 5-10 years and see the landscape changing.

These are a few low to medium events that trigger throughout your daily, monthly and yearly life cycle. These types of instances all have one thing in common:

They happened because you thought about them.

You can also reverse that statement depending on your perspective of reality. Here are a few examples:

  1. You thought about it
  2. They thought about it
  3. It happened because you both thought about it
  4. It’s already happened in the future which made you think about it before it happened
  5. Past events caused a chain reaction to repeat the cycle.

This all points to a dimensional state of existence which entwines itself with the quantum world. Your thoughts can project, change and adjust your reality.

You should realise that some of these repeated circumstances get rejected by the other individual (meeting people again you know or don’t know), mainly because their thought process isn’t the same as yours. These repeat cycles could be confirmation that the event still causes rejection by the other individual, and change is impossible. The fact you willed it into reality can cause denial, but you needed to see it! From a relative (actuality) perspective.

Asking your mind to project a new reality can sometimes cause avoidable events. On the other hand, those same thought processes can completely change your perceptibility and become critical to you and your future.

If you remember the saying “Be careful what you wish for” it makes more sense now. You are aware of how powerful your thoughts can change reality.

This line of thought will also show you something we have all done. You might think about a family member, a close friend, and they turn up at your door. They might phone you, send you an email, or you might just see them walking down the street. You will have that conversation “I was just thinking about your earlier”. The more time you spend with people and the closer you become, you can reach out to them by thought alone.

Try it over a few days and think about a member of your family, reach out to them through the air and send a message. Tell them to call you and see what happens.


The Circles Of Life Events

Life, overall repeats itself in larger circles. The key here is the length of time required for the change or repeat of circumstances. These can be life lessons. Did you learn from it, or do they need to be repeated? Some of these circles can be negative and some positive. Some of the circle or wave patterns in your life cycle need to happen.

Some examples include:

  1. You cheated on your partner causing a break-up
  2. Debt escalated out of control
  3. Family members become distant/you don’t talk
  4. Change your place of employment (career move or left because of staff members)
  5. A new child enters into the world
  6. Buying/renting a new home
  7. Writing a book, film, report or something of significance you can’t finish or finally, finish
  8. You have an addiction that keeps coming back
  9. Death
  10. A crime that ends up in a prison sentence.

These life-changing circumstances repeat in your lifeline because some of them must happen, while others need to be learned from. These are normally over a longer period of time and define how your wave of energy reacts to your life cycle.

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The Quantum World

The human mind is built to sustain a huge amount of knowledge. It can be compared to a galaxy, it connects ideas, creates original ideas, can be programmed with knowledge and works faster (quantum transfer) than the speed of light. Our understanding of the subatomic universe is minimal; however, we do know that the universe likes to copy itself on a large and small scale.

The brain also has a built-in receiver that can connect to different wavelengths within the aether. These variables offer some insight as to why circumstances happen through a projective thought process.

If you think about all these processes working and connecting as a singular unit, it can offer up some answers as to why we can pick up on some of reality’s unexplained variables.

The Dream & Meditation Realm

Some humans have acute stimulation from their dream state. Dreams can offer warnings, future visions, help you make sense of reality and give you guidance on the journey ahead. These states connect to the quantum world, the aether and the circles of repetition that fill your life with a living and breathing consciousness. Dreams and even having out of body experiences can show you circles of repetition that give you a heightened sense of reality.

Meditation also offers answers to visuals and the projection of self, through spirituality or possibly an awakening. The more you seek from reality, the mind tends to offer up the answers for information stored in the aether. Past life cycles that pass down through subatomic energy sources can also help you connect to a world locked deep inside your existence.


Human beings can alter their reality through consciousness. Thought alone can change the course of daily life cycles with other humans. Understanding human behaviour and observing repeated events on large and small timelines, will help you become a better person and enable you to enjoy a fruitful future. Repeat a thought process and paint a picture inside your mind, add a feeling through these images. Practise, and the universe will make it so.

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