1). You shall worship any God, for Gods have no purpose.
2). Be whoever you can, for it will take you on a journey into the light.
3). Use my name in vain and curse me from the shadows.
4). Worship all the days because one will be your last.
5). Respect all souls, for they all belong to me in the end.
6). Only death shall commit murders.
7). Love, your partner and your souls will meet each other again.
8). I will see you sooner if you pave a life of crime.
9). Luxurious items have no value when I come to greet you.
10). Live and enjoy life right up until the last breath.

Death’s Job

I collect souls from your misfortunes;
I collect souls from illness and the young;
I collect souls from your addictions;
I collect souls from you doing wrong.

But most of all I collect souls from the old,
who welcome me with open arms as life shakes death’s hand.

One day,
you will have had enough
of life breathing oxygen into your lungs.

You will talk to me through the shadows from above
as I embrace your weakness
like a dying white dove –
fallen from the black clouds above.

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