Your dreaming state is a very powerful connection with your whole life journey on this planet. You can see images, sounds and significant moments of time that are linked to all the memories that will stay with you forever.

Your dreams play like a film inside your mind. They will take you through to different moments on your timeline. This includes your future, past and present. It might be wise to write your dreams down and create a dairy. You can reflect on your entries when you arrive at different moments in reality that reminds you of a dream you had.

You will be surprised by what your diary tells you. It simply confirms your dreams connect you to your journey here on Earth.

Everyone dreams, but it’s remembering, connecting and understanding what type of dream you’re having. This opens the door to making sense of the dream world.

A Trip To The Future.

A trip to the future will have you looking down on a moment in time. You will be hovering over yourself, spectating and listening. You can flip between what you are seeing and the hovering state, but when you are seeing a moment in time we call the future, you will normally be hovering as yourself.


This state can show you, unborn children, you’re very close friends, places you have never been and moments that inject clarity of overwhelming feeling.

You might find you dream about world events, other people’s futures or scenarios that you can’t explain. You might also be able to visit these places through meditation.

So What Is A Dream?

My theory of what we interpret a dream to be is really quite simple. What if we were reading particles of light? Photons can engage with actual visual moments of time we call reality. Just like a computer carries 0101010101 (bits of information) and reforms it back into the correct format so we can understand it. Humans absorb light throughout their life and it is broken down into all sorts of electrical pathways we yet do not understand.


To understand light you have to look at what it is made of and how it works to date.

In physics, light is made up of photons. These are particles made up of electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths. To go into too much detail can be overwhelming, but they travel at the speed of light. Photons have both wave and particle properties. This determines the way it travels and what energy it stores to enable it to reach vast distances. Its energy can be transferred when it reacts with other particles, hence a particle Exchange and Interaction.

If a particle is going the speed of light, all the information it absorbs will have already happened. This is because if you travel the speed of light, what we define as TIME slows down. So, if a photon travelling from the Sun or a distance star bounces around other galaxies or races around our planet before it comes into contact with a human mind. Could there be a possibility that our brain can interpret an electric path of information from that sequence stored via a photon!

How Does A Photon Or Photon Properties Get Into Our Electric Stimulation Via Our Brain?

Light passes through transparent matter but at a slower speed. The first thing I think of when reading this information is the eyes of the human body. Light is refracted through the eyes for us to make sense of images and data around us. The photon energy must interact or go somewhere else. Maybe we have developed a way of reading this information in the form of dreams?

We might be able to read these particles in a sequence when we are awakening or daydreaming.

If you read books on physics it all seems straightforward, but we are not yet in a position to prove this.

If we can read this information, this would explain why humans come up with ideas and wake up with answers. If you look at human history, especially in comic formats, or future visions, artists impression or even films. They have actually come true. Are humans seeing vivid images of their future life through light particles? Or for that matter maybe we are picking up vast amounts of information from other galaxies or dimensions across the universe.

I like the first 2minutes of this video. The whole video is another article.

Is it written?

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