When thinking about the term higher knowledge, it tends to offer up questions that awaken your grip on reality.

There is so much to understand and learn while spending time on this planet. When you compare what we know and what is left to discover, it leads to an infinite amount of information. Think for a moment about everything we could and can achieve. Space travel is a good starting point, planetary systems with alternative life or perhaps beings of superior knowledge – when comparing intelligence to ourselves. We have so much knowledge that still needs accomplishing; it is mind-bending when trying to put it into perspective.

Manipulation & Misunderstanding

People are easily manipulated, which leads to a path of misunderstanding. We receive information in the form of images, video and text that can be perceived as the truth. We see reports every day through the mainstream media, education system and world governments. Knowledge is hidden and protected, mainly to keep order and wealth in a place of restriction.

This fact, to the majority of people living life to the best of their ability, is heavily overlooked. The masses don’t want to look or think about it, which is why higher knowledge starts to fail. You need to seek knowledge; once you find paths that offer up information that will blow your mind, you will ultimately be disgusted with what groups or individual humans are capable of. However, it’s not all negative, as positive factors are also extracted from the realms of higher knowledge.

A Simple Scenario

Take a mammal such a cat, for example. When it looks into space and sees stars, does it see nothing or does it actually think of anything? When a human being looks into the night sky, we tend to question it. Yet if we are told that a star is actually blue, not white, and we can give scientific evidence for this answer, the majority of humans tend to believe it as opposed to questioning it further. Why? Because that’s how we are taught from a young age. We accept adults or people of power to offer knowledge of what we seek, and then we believe it to be the ultimate truth.

What is Higher Knowledge?

The term higher knowledge can be defined as someone or something that can look at all the possible questions, and can see all the possible answers. To simplify this statement or to look at it in another way, would mean to question yourself and the information being received.

  1. Question the truth
  2. Question the answer returned
  3. Investigate the outcome
  4. Find an alternative answer
  5. Never make assumptions based on your own knowledge gained thus far on your journey.

Higher knowledge has the ability to look through the information being presented. Look at how politicians use the authority of the establishment to deliver a message to the public. Most of the time, misdirection is used, a struggle for power is used, or a change of hand is manipulated to show that democracy is the mechanism to gain the solution.

The majority of the public believes it, and few see it for what it is. This is a form of higher knowledge.

Some of the best ways to extract higher knowledge for your personal use is as follows:

  1. Learn your history
  2. Read different forms of mainstream media and information
  3. Study astronomy
  4. Understand why (E = mc2) is important and what it actually means
  5. Meditate
  6. Find ways to be creative – writing, drawing or painting
  7. Learn the basics of Physics, Biology & Evolution
  8. What is a spiritual awakening?
  9. Read people and understand their mindset
  10. Understand wisdom & philosophy.

Learn to use both your creative and academic mind as one entity. The more you do this – the quicker you will unlock the key in your mind, which leads to a path of higher knowledge.

For the human mind to be knowledgeable, it merely has to have an understanding of many things (subjects) – for it to be categorised as knowledgeable. I feel all topics known to humanity like; physics, biology, evolution and astronomy are classic vital components to achieving a higher knowledge.


The Belief System

Religion is a powerful concept known to man, and history shows us that religion was forced upon many civilisations. Mainly because it brought about control and gave rules for direction – with fragile young minds (an evolving race with a conscious and the ability to understand reality), religion is a tool used to teach the children of planet earth. How else can you teach a young race, create balance and form a structured society?

Higher knowledge rejects religion, mainly because of a language that is available, which was written by what we can define as a supreme being. Mathematics shows us that there is a universal code in place that speaks to beings who have learned how to read it (we have learned to build our own virtual digital worlds using a segment of this universal code). Mathematics can be read and understood by many different civilisations (across the universe) and can also be used as a starting point against any language barriers.

Furthermore, religion is dying out because we now use law and policies instead. We have learned from religion, and it pushed civilisation forward, even with the carnage, destruction and order. To say that a god is a man and he made man and woman in his image, tells us that we possibly created ourselves.

The Death Question

What happens when we die? We all, at some point, theorisation on this question. Thought patterns like these need an answer before we can accept life and carry on with reality. Death is a huge factor in life; it makes life bearable and foreseeable. Our parting from Earth defines reality because, without it, our conscious might reject this present conditioning (a small number of people can’t accept it). Death is the final offering of tranquillity and projects the acceptance of a possible afterlife. Interpretation and perspective is the key here. Depending on your state of knowledge, you will have come to a state of acceptance. You may have chosen religion (it’s easy, why not), you may have chosen nothing and just accepted the darkness is the end. You may have tied in time, physics, multi-dimensions, energy, mathematics, subatomic universes and come up with an alternative? The human condition commands the answer, especially as you age here.

Death - Composed From The Shadows
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Attaining a state of higher knowledge gives you an array of different answers. The death question will have you pondering for decades. The best way to answer it is through wisdom, philosophy and poetry.

The Education System

Educating a new or existing society is of the highest importance. It brings with it considerable benefits to all areas of living and life as we know it. We have come along way and offer up some fantastic achievements. However, we are failing pockets of society by charging life debts to attain knowledge. The failing point of this current factor is the rules bounded together to create capitalism. Knowledge and ‘higher knowledge’ can be achieved without the need for an educational establishment. However, for a person to self-teach requires a severe amount of drive and determination. Most people need structure, help and guidance. This is due to how the human mind works, for the majority of people, you have to teach your mind to learn, connect and create solutions for modern-day living. 3-4 years at university shows you the basics and can help you on your journey towards attaining higher knowledge.

Many young minds leave university and end up in regular skilled employment. University wasn’t the answer; it becomes an achievement that costs them payments over a 30 to 40 year period. The need for profit has cost the young and innocent – valuable time and well being. It creates a paradox which affects the housing market, nutritional needs of a human being, mental health and stabilisation of a society moving forward.

We will look back on these days in the future and be disgusted at our (the people who put this system together) thought process. Alternatives are available, but you must see the state-education-system as the starting point in seeking higher knowledge.

Advanced Civilisations & Multi Dimensions

Could this be a simulation set in an alternative dimension, a learning centre built for an advanced civilisation? To accept this reality, you have to be born into it, which teaches your consciousness to believe this is real. There are many lessons to learn here, maybe when death comes, we awaken and smile, because time on this planet is different from where we come from (remember time is relative).

Maybe it’s a holiday, and you chose the criteria before you came. A thought that tends to make more sense, especially, with the variables life has to offer on this planet (all the existing variables make it more real). It explains the suffering and can give a human being – significance in the history on this planet Earth. Perhaps life is too easy for beings who have it all in the future, where everything has already been achieved.

Is the human mind ready for a total understanding of any kind of higher knowledge? I look to the future inside my mind… connect to the ether, and I noticed that data leaks very slowly. Humans can resonate with their minds to accept this reality because that’s why they came here.

Do you accept it? Question it and give yourself significance on this lifeline?

Higher knowledge is the key to go beyond everything you can see and touch; higher knowledge awakens your trust with reality.

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