1) When frustrated with your young ones, do not strikeout. As this is only a release of tension you are creating within. Project a positive manner and demand control of your inner self.

2) Children spend a lifetime learning to express and deal with their emotions. Help them understand and talk them through different cases of concern.

3) Your children will spend hours laughing, nagging, shouting, making silly noises, crying, banging, screaming and being uncontrollably compulsive. Take a moment to watch them, now think back to when you were a child and what you were like. You can’t help but smile.

4) A stressful day out with the children is always followed by a moment of joy, especially, when you see them all cuddled up sleeping. A child’s silence is a beautiful moment.

5) Imagine going back to school with your intellectual capacity of today. This can be achieved through spending time and teaching your children everything you know.

6) A child’s perception of reality is mirrored by a vivid imagination. Build on this and open their mind to what can be achieved through thought.

7) Always ask your children questions and get them to explain the answer. This thought processing will inter-link a four-dimensional path to problem-solving.

8) As parents, your children see you as their heroes. They will copy and mimic everything you do. You are moulding and developing your children’s traits ready for adult life.

9) A child should be able to open up and ask their parents anything they want. If they hold back, you as a parent must ask yourself why? Maybe you need to change the way you return the answer.

10) Praise is a powerful, physical and verbal process you can’t deny your children. With the knowledge that they are pleasing, comes well-being and dedication to a certain outcome.

11) A balance of education, play, nutrition and physical activity will keep your children in a state of ‘prime’ essence. They are now ready for anything life can throw at them.

12) Smothering your children with ‘no’s’, ‘can’t’ and ‘stop’ will only postpone the necessary need for an investigation. Carry this process on for too long and they will grow to resent you. Let them explore and let go of their hand, especially in safe surroundings. If they hurt themselves once they will quickly learn not to do it again.

13) Cherish your children through every stage of the development process. They will honour you more as they become older.

14) Too much of anything will never be enough, be wise to your children’s demands. Find a balance to all the wants. With this comes respect and appreciation.

15) Enjoy your children as they are not burdens, ask yourself the question. Why did we have children?.

16) A wiser parent will explain a complex situation to their children, in a manner of lateral articulation. Speak to your children with a wider vocabulary and watch their minds prosper.

17) Your children bring with them an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. But remember this, they are you as much as you are your parents. You will live forever.

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