As I turned 17, my youth just past
a realisation settled in that it was all too fast.

Began it did, a moment of cast;
in the memory of a mortal so vast.

A job, girls and the letting of a house.

I soon took head when all the bills poured out.
I didn’t realise the pain which would sadden me to fall.

Is it worth it?
Paying 50% to this unknown?

The support continues, that is what they need
as the elite can’t create for their simple means.
Are these rules of society set at dim?

I’m fighting for a top job now as more responsibility wades in:
children, a mortgage and a car that never wins.

I can see myself at 60 looking back in sin;
could I have done more, or was I just too grim?

Following the rulebook to which I see no success,
maybe its time to appear from behind this twisted mess.

I can hear the wind;
I can feel the sun;
all that’s stopping us:
is a rise,
the following
and a simple must.

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