Through observation, reading articles, enjoying books on black holes, galaxy creation and theory on multiple dimensions. It all seems a little perplexing; mainly because time becomes the anomaly in all thought processing.

Thinking about parallel universes existing as celestial entities, creating an infinite number of cosmic patches with particle arrangements – repeating (creating someone out there exactly like you and me), many times over because space-time can be perceived as flat. Doesn’t fit my current understanding of the celestial entity (Earth) we stand on.

However, I’m not ruling out parallel universes or multi-dimensions. It’s just the way we perceive them.

How Do Parallel Universes Exists?

Parallel universes do exist, which can be experienced through imagination and creating thoughts in our head. We can project anything imaginable and see the outcome or different outcomes in our mind. We can change, adapt or build thousands of parallel universes inside our head. A human being can access these thoughts in the future and can action these thoughts into reality. The fabrication of thinking gives us a choice to make them real.

Parallel Universe examples on a daily cycle which can be created using the power of thought include:

  • Humans can create a conversation with someone else and see multiple outcomes
  • You can create a scenario as a teacher and see pupils reactions to a question
  • Why not build a house extension, treehouse or new kitchen inside your mind and replicate those thoughts into reality
  • Writing a book, script or film starts with a simple thought and grows inside your mind until you sit down and start hitting the letters on your keyboard
  • Some people can rob banks, build architectural marvels, paint works of art or create a situation where they form a relationship with someone they like.

These parallel universes directly link to a species with a higher state of consciousness. A beings thought process is infinite and grows stronger with knowledge, physical and mental stimulation.

Creating parallel dimensions inside your mind is also relative to the time of thought, but can change the future. A future state can affect the person directly, groups of people or collectively affect a whole species. Having the ability to conceive this information is a very dynamic and powerful tool for a living entity on any planet.


Constructing a parallel universe inside your head; could be to imagine running for a bus. You can play out two outcomes. The first projection would be to miss the bus and wave it off. The second projection would be to catch the bus and make it to the city centre. This outcome creates a parallel universe with two consequences; which can cause an actual event. A more advanced play on this is to see people you know on the bus and play out conversations you would have with them. These projections have a low probability of happening, but you used your parallel ability to anticipate a possible outcome.


Humans like to belong to a group, cult, religion or secret society. It can be something like a weight watcher’s club to a following with more historical meaning, such as the Freemasonry’s. Humans are very social beings who need purpose and direction in the form of social gatherings. Community conditioning allows for interaction, a dynamic projection for self and acceptance. A persons thought process would play out parallel universes in many of these scenarios; which can create a state of collective attention, reflection and rationalisation.


Many great and destructive humans have made changes or implemented events that have affected the course of our species. I fear we have many more to come, but I hope our collective consciousness won’t let any global events take place that inflicts pain and horror. People who have stepped forward and made a change have all created parallel universes inside their mind. They did so, without even knowing it. This is a fact because their outcomes all show the refinement of multiple thought processing. Some of my favourite names from history include Tesla, Einstein, Galileo, Shakespeare, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Hawkings, King Henry V, William Wallace and many more.

All have contributed an enormous amount to push forward our current state of society.

Do Parallel Universes Exists As Celestial Entities?

The first question I ask myself when thinking about parallel universes on a celestial level is: Why would parallel universe’s exist that form all outcomes of thought? It can’t happen because time is not a vessel that can support such a vast complex entity. The building blocks of the universe can not maintain this level of intricate detail, and why would it? The vessel to make this achievable is onboard the living entity. In this case, the human being; which has achieved an adequate level of consciousness.

*Quick Thought
Could these observations suggest that time travel is possible through the same capsule that is you? Would this mean that you could access your thoughts and travel back in time to make slight adjustments? Time travel is only relative to you and your past thoughts or actual events that played out in reality. To achieve this would mean your existing state of consciousness would have to travel back in time and overtake your body for a desired amount of time – relative to this reality.

Consciousness is the package, while the parallel universe (in the state of memory), can be accessed in a timestamp that makes up past, present and future events. Your existing state of consciousness can travel over your timelines at the speed of light and take control.

There is not another physical version of you playing out a different life scenario. However, there is inside your head on a quantum exchange circuit.

Can you imagine the energy and celestial bodies needed for Earth’s population to live out in parallel universes? Each galaxy, solar system and universe have individual fingerprints, it’s unique to the very living being who can view it. You can look out into the cosmos and see millions of galaxies. However, they are very different in size, shape, mass and time – relative to humans viewing them.

Beyound Our Universe

Stephen Hawkings submitted a white paper on multiverses; while Alexander Vilenkin also suggests bubble universes exist. There have also been a few other suggestions, but they mirror the bubble and the Hawkins, no-boundary proposal. If you observed both theories and drew them on paper, they would look similar.

However, if a black hole is an inverted galaxy; it would suggest that both theories work. Bubbles, infinite dimensions or a vast expanse – exist where a universe resides in other universes. I like to think about the construction of multiple universes as a big splat. There is no order, circles, bubbles or end. Everything merges into one another, it’s all accessible, but most importantly of all; universes live in a framework of universes that started life as a singular entity.

Looking at a singular universe filled with galaxies, solar systems, nebular radiation or gravity waves; can seem overwhelming. So let’s break this down and work out whats going on.

If a galaxy is a dot on a piece of paper and you connect every galaxy with a line – you end up with a 2D mesh. Let’s turn that into a three-dimensional net in our heads.

singular-universe diagram

I believe all universes connect and entwine with each other, just like the formation of galaxies in a universe.

These observations give us the same 3-dimensional diagram; remember, the universe likes to copy itself. However, the dots may be closer together and further apart, depending on the mass of the universes, which brings us back to a 3-dimensional splat. A universe works independently of its formation, but it links and connects to it’s surrounding universe friends.


These splats of multi-universes could also be independent formations; suggesting other splats of shapes exist. These could merge, repel or become unstable in a projected moment of time. Some of these splats could be huge, while others are small and new.


Beyond all the splats packed with universes, could live a vast expanse of matter that can forge new universes. It’s a dusty place with flashes of creation happening all around.

After writing this article; a question sits in my mind, so here is my personal answer.

What Happens When We Die?

There are two possible outcomes of death. We go on, wake up or take the form of a new entity. Alternatively, this is it! When we die nothing happens, the dark becomes normality, and you are finished.

We don’t wake up

We die, get buried or cremated, and that’s it. The darkness is the end of a journey, and you experienced life as we know it. A position that puts us on a level with every living thing on this planet. The only difference is we have developed a growing mechanism that we define as consciousness.

We wake up

If we do wake up in a dimension beyond this location, I have reason to believe this reality might be some type of advanced simulator. Why else would you wake up? Unless your consciousness can be extracted or it can entwine with a separate state of consciousness that goes beyond this realm – we define as reality. Based on my current understanding from my journey and all the material I read and create; this can only be the answer. Cast aside any type of religion or a need for God, to be awaked after this life does not command divine intervention.

Why would any God want that? If you think of the universe as the vast expanse with the universes existing within them, and beyond a point that needs a higher state of consciousness to understand. We are insignificant, no more than an insect looking up at the sky with no understanding or questions.

If I wake up from this simulation and decide to come back as someone else, I will tell the human race what this place is – but who’s going to believe that anyway?

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