What is Common sense?

The word ‘deluded’ comes to mind every time I hear someone say that fused phrase of snapping acknowledgement.

It’s common sense

Is it really?
You can’t categorise something that can not be measured on a global scale. The spectrum of life can be so different from a particular person in comparison to another. Many variables also need to be taken into consideration before spouting out the words of it’s common sense to another fellow.

Defining Common Sense

Culture, religion, race, country, education, employment or hobbies. All these different aspects of a person’s life can contribute to a number of learned experiences. A skill or a particular ability used in a given situation can’t really contribute to the phrase like it’s common sense.

Let’s look at it from a different angle. What has the word ‘Common’ got to do with the word ‘Sense’? It is commonly known that if you were to meet a person from the other side of the planet. They would share many things in common. But what common sense tells us is that they can smell, see, touch, taste and hear. Hence the five senses, it’s common that you share those five senses.

What about the evolved inner self of emotional sense? This can be seen in scenarios like a moment of anger, fear, anxiety, love, happiness or being sad. These emotions can be seen as common sense.

Common Sense Into Practice.

Why would a highly skilled electrician say to a plumber on his dinner break… “It’s common sense to re-wire a plug you know”. If a particular person has never had the opportunity to re-wire a plug, how can it be common sense? In fact, it makes no sense at all.

The people of this technological age tend to use phrases without the correct understanding. Life experience gives a person general knowledge. If a particular individual has taken up many trades within a lifetime, or maybe travelled around the world, perhaps developed a wider range of education? Maybe then, that person would be able to have a wider understanding, thus develop a wiser state of life skills.

Common Sense Through Teaching

You wouldn’t tell your children that it is common sense to learn anything new, to which they do on a daily basis. I hear many people throughout my daily life shouting out those words to people learning. My conclusion is that it is used by frustrated individuals who struggle to pass on skills or knowledge. This is confirmed in a loss of patience and failure, which brings a compulsive act – to react, by using a phrase that justifies their lack of control. The person expelling the words has No Common Sense.

So, What Is Common Sense?

In its simplicity –

A physical or emotional state that one human can share with another‘.

Here’s a little poem that came to mind after I wrote this article.

Will these words amount to any sum?
Taunted, they may be discovered by a rich who is done
I may offer a future of none
But at least you know the honour of such a one.



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