Religion! One of the most powerful subjects known to any human being on the planet. It means different things to many cultures around the world. It offers answers to what we don’t understand. It gives us direction, social interaction, acceptance and most importantly – peaceful balanced correctness. This cluster of complex criteria is what makes Religion so influential. It is, however, a belief system devised by noble humans of the past and present to command and conquer.

This is obviously a shortlist from a personal perspective. Who am I to dabble in the historical building blocks of meaningful religious studies? All I can offer is an angle or an idea, maybe I could be so kind as to offer a theory.

I want to believe God exists. In fact, I think he does. It would be nice to know that when a human being dies, A soul is released from the body and it lives on in a world of paradise. I can’t help but think our world is a paradise in this moment of time. Maybe we are still learning to work that one out?

The more I unlock the light of life and understand things like the complexity of physics, philosophy, history, astronomy, archaeology and many more subjects. They all point in the same direction:

A systematic compulsion of laws demonstrating the art of sharing and balance.

By this I mean, look at the building blocks of life itself. Peer out to the stars and neighbouring planets. Try and understand how a vast Galaxy works. Open up those mindful thought patterns and think about everything you can imagine. What do you see? What is it all doing? How is it all working?


Everything we see, touch and understand shows us the answer to all our questions. There is no secret.
The human race hasn’t really been here that long. Approximate estimations from fossil studies have put us here at about 250,000 thousand years. Although History does seem to be getting older with the discovery of past advanced civilisations that have been wiped from the face of the Earth.

Planet Earth has been worked out to be around 4,600,000,000 years old. Another way to look at this evolving timeline would be to simply imagine a normal 12inch ruler. If the ruler represented the existing timeline of planet Earth, the human race would represent a millimetre on that ruler. What does that tell you?

We are still learning to live in harmony and seem to really struggle to understand a simple concept. We are all of the same origins. We all come from the same building blocks of life’s creative path. So why does our own devised concept of religion bring with it so many problems?

The answer: –

A different interpretation from an historical event.

A modern view on the principles of religion.

The capacity to understand is what makes us Human. What one person will take away and accept from an image, writings, verbal expression or video footage can be totally different from what the person standing next to you will take away from it. That’s one of the great mechanisms of the human mind. We use different parts of our learning journey to make a connection. Some people are highly acute academically and some minds flow in the direction of creative response. There are different levels of perpetual motion, derived from the vast amounts of awaiting stimulation. This spectrum of conscience can be dictated to form a personal belief system.

With the attachment of human emotion and the complexity of social interaction, a code for a formative belief can create a great following.

God creates his own form in your mind. “YOUR MIND”. That’s why the connection can reach out and touch the entire human race. You create God in your mind, he can be whatever you want him to be.

The code is: You have the choice to make it into what you want it to mean. There is no conformity, manipulation or misunderstanding. It is, however, a very simple process of acceptance.

Enjoy your life and try not to conform to a false sense of deluded obsession. The history of humans has made all the mistakes it possibly can. I hope.

Take your own path and make a living in this world, this time, your line.


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