I am a figure of a stature that reflects your shadow of existence.

I am a person with a sense of pure calm in many situations.

I can hear the end of your sentence before you have finished thinking about igniting the verbal connection between mind and spine.

I can read your body language and make you open up and feel comfortable in any given situation.

I will always see you before you see me. That’s why I have an awaiting smile ready to absorb your scanning eyes, looking for a face of recognition.

I am the person that will approach you if you are overweight, shy, outspoken, in charge, athletic, and beautiful. I want to get to know you, stranger.

I will see your future in my dreams.

I will accept you for what’s going on in your mind.

I want to know what makes you feel alive.

Your clothes, looks, or intellectual capacity paints many pictures that I can see you enjoy and have a passion for.

I will teach you a new thing every day, even if you are the most intelligent person I know.

I feel your pain when you’re standing in the rain waiting for a bus. That’s why I will pull over and give you a lift home.

I will introduce you to everyone on a table of unknowns. All I will do is drop conversation your way utilising passive, decisive interception.

I know you will get through the day’s workload if I turn up.

I will switch your mind on with vividly structured conversation.

I will bring you to places you never knew existed.

When I touch your delicate skin to feel your warmth, you will feel an electric sensation of acceptance.

You will ask me for the answers you already know, all I do is make the question clearer and give you confidence in your acknowledgement.

I see everything.

Who am I?

A human being.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. hamcheese66 says:

    a human being sounds rather limited. I much prefer the notion of a human becoming / imagination.

    Nice poem. Took me minds eye for a nice little walk around the garden, ooooh a picnic, don’t mind if I do.


    • D. J. Irvine says:

      Hamcheese, I thought I covered all the angles on this little number. Perspective is everything, being a human is having the ability to be unlimited. Remember, your mind is a small universe, all you have to do – is do!

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