1. Open up to your partner and express everything you know. Show a willingness to interact and be more open about any situation.

2. Love is but a connection of total comfort.

3. Love can be a simple look of acceptance.

4. Love is when you’re at home with your partner, and you find yourself looking for each other. You can’t explain why you do this, but it’s a feeling of being complete.

5. Love is a coupling amalgamation of satisfaction and achievement.

6. Sometimes a situation can arise when one will cheat on another. When confronted with this fact, love can bring you closer as it draws on unrealised emotional states.

7. Love is learned through passion, lust and physical contact. Love ends up as a matrix of peace, compassion and acceptance.

8. Love draws on many emotions; this is why it’s hard to define. Sometimes a person thinks they don’t know what love is until that something is lost.

9. As a child, you love your parents with all your heart. This love stays with you as an adult and becomes stronger for your children. This is the endless family cycle of love.

10. Love can sometimes be found in a dark place of depression, stress, ignorance and no self-respect. Love is hard to let go of, especially when you haven’t found it with another who draws down on the kinder sides of love.


11. Love in its own right is a powerful source of manipulation and passion. Knowledge of such capacity can bring danger in many forms.

12. Love can be confusing, so be patient, as you are here for a long time.

13. Offer your love! To the people you know love you. To be rejected in love is a complex emotional feeling of great discomfort. These feelings will pass but can last a while.

14. When love is broken, it requires you to be brave. Stand up, take control and focus on your confidence. Love is behind many corners.

15. To develop a higher understanding of love, know that love brings with it moments of joy, laughter and endless amounts of entertainment.

16. Love supplies balance in a relationship; even if your partner dominates with knowledge, physical presence, articulation or communication. Love bonds a couple as one, and projects ease of ambience.

17. Love through age can fall away into a place of lost thought. Concentrate on what you like about your partner. Ask yourself the question – why did we fall in love?

18. Love can be described as warm, sensual, soft, receptive, flourishing, sophisticated and emotional. Work on love, and it will bring you moments of speechless thought.

19. If someone loves you and you love someone. You know what they feel because you feel that same thing. To know this will make you smile, so cherish your love binding passion for one another.

20. Love is a text message, a phone call or email, asking the simple question. What are you up to? It’s not the question or the action, but the thought to inspire you to make it happen.

Check out the book of love by D. J. Irvine

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