Fate has been derived from the mystical arts of religion, which reaches out and touches everything from Gods to the afterlife. Look across the spectrum of our belief system, fate offers the answers to everything that can’t be explained. Fate connects faith and wisdom through a design that we humans put together for a peaceful society.

History prevails fates stature as a simple essence of power. With the people of the future and the past, the power of fate can inject a mortal to a God-like status. Leaders, kings and queens of the past and of the present, rely heavily on the understandings of fate.

Is it fate that I, a man, am sitting here writing these words on this blank canvas? Maybe it was a choice to pick up my laptop, turn it on and start typing.

Is it fate that I went out to another town one night and met my partner and had 4 children?

Fate can be seen as connecting every human being on the planet to be in a certain place at a certain time. This metaphor is what makes it so powerful. If it was to be true, only a superior being of unthinkable knowledge could control this connectivity of human interaction.


The choice is what makes us accept reality. If we didn’t have a choice we would be classified as slaves. The question you now need to ask yourself is; are we?

Think of yourself as an alien, looking upon our daily life cycle. We get up, we have to go to work in order to earn money. The Government controls our spending, creates the laws and have control over our medical requirements. At the place of employment, we need to rely on a hierarchy system in order to generate more revenue.

We go home and are limited to everything we can imagine. But this limit of choice is needed to help protect our slow learning capacity. Without this limitation, it would be chaos.

So, was it my choice that I decided to walk over to my partner and ask her for a dance?

Was it choice that we decided to have children or maybe it was fate that we had boys and no girls.

We make thousands of choices every day, some small choices and some that will change our lives forever. To choose what we want to do in our limited society is known to us as freedom.

Choice on Fate

What is the difference between a decision and a belief (fate also being a belief)? The answer is they both mean the exact same thing. They are both, however, interpreted differently by a classification of what we made them out to be, what we wanted them to be.

Every situation is governed by a choice, within that choice can be an infinitive outcome. It’s an unstoppable chain reaction of life itself.

Even the scenarios that defy fate and choice are a measure of chance over what we define as time.

Can choice or fate be categorised by a series of factual events inter-linking time, reality and consciousness?

The real answer you seek is;

Fate and choice are one.

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