What is the purpose of life? We, humans, living on a planet rotating around the Sun. Our world is shooting around a galaxy that is bound by the grooves of gravity. Our galaxy connects to the fabrication of the universe. A universe packed with black holes that entwine energy, frequency, matter and subatomic systems that define reality.

Why am I here? is it to create something new and original? Maybe it’s to appreciate all the wonder that my eyes collect and turn into feelings and thoughts. I know that what resides in my vessel (the human body) is an advanced energy system that uses organic matter to wander on a journey.

Here are a few ideas based on observations as to how we got here and why.

The DNA (Molecule) THEORY

Our DNA is scattered throughout this universe and can incubate and take a different form (create new species) on many planetary systems to create life. Most of these planets can’t be a host for DNA molecules because they need certain stable conditions to thrive, unlock their sequence, adapt, evolve and reproduce. Every living organic entity on this planet comes from the same script that landed here billions of years ago. This would put our DNA library at an age unthinkable to our current understanding of time and the universe as we know it. Our ancestors once ruled other worlds, and other star systems and resided in galaxies far from this place we call home.

All life needs a host, and all life needs a place to live, breathe and feed. Life can take the form it needs to become an extension of the code encrypted within the scrolls of its DNA. It seems strange to know that we are connected and part of a living system that will one day live on in another world. If we don’t leave this planet in the future, the Sun will destroy life as we know it. When the Sun explodes and turns into a beautiful nebula, DNA will be found in its matter and will start travelling across the universe to find a new host. Life will begin again, from the beginning, and produce an organic species with all our blueprints.

DNA is the seed of all life that seeks out a place, using the pull of gravitational waves throughout the universe.

This information still doesn’t explain ‘Why am I here?’ I can only assume the DNA molecules started as an elementary string of protein cells (on a planet – possibly in a different galaxy). These cells can store information and lock it away in the form of energy or matter. It never gets destroyed because DNA molecules are made by the same material that created them. This information grows over billions of years to form data (knowledge encrypted in the DNA tree) that develops, builds and produces life from the inner depths of its scrolls. This would suggest that evolution started a very long time ago and has different layers within each planet cycle.

This thought process would also suggest that all beings would evolve to the same pinnacle and slowly add more knowledge into the scripts of the DNA source code. Where does that put the human race at this current time frame? Have we reached the end of an already developed state and adding more data to our DNA? Alternatively, we are nowhere near the advancement that is slowly unlocking within our cells.

Think of what we can achieve as beings with extensive knowledge while applying that information to new technology. It can be done if we can think of it; therefore, we are on a course with an evolved future state. This has already happened throughout the universe in galaxies that have vanished, starting or at an end.

Taking into consideration: the age of our universe, multi-dimensions, other universes that are connected or part of this one, the knowledge we are still unlocking on a daily life cycle, our human vessels still adapting to our ever-changing environment and the fact – we, have only opened the door to understanding a deeper meaning of consciousness.

Our current state of consciousness has gotten stronger over the last 50 years, which is highly essential for the survival of life. We are starting to grasp that we need to share, help, support and work in harmony with a world that can support our seed of DNA. If we don’t create a state of equilibrium between all the origins of the DNA tree, we will consume ourselves until the planet is swallowed into the Sun. Perhaps there is still time for another civilisation to start again on Earth. The fact of the matter is; our DNA is all over this planet. If we don’t start working together as beings of knowledge, seeking out further intelligence through adventure and science, we will have failed ourselves.

Having the ability to think, know the consequence of actions, and predict the future through learned variables while reflecting on our history; projects a need to exist. We need to move forward with our civilisation and work as one. It’s the only way we will survive, on this journey with limited time, while flying around the core of our galaxy. All will one day come to a sad end (but we already know this).

If we are part of a DNA (advanced molecule) cycle, looking to thrive in this current state. Perhaps there is another way to think about it. If the universe continually copies itself through the formation of galaxies, stars, and solar systems, they can support many life forms. Could there be many different types of DNA molecules out there throughout the fabric of spacetime looking for a new home? Why would there be one? Maybe the Earth and many other planets are wrapped up in so many different strands of DNA molecules that a habitable planet becomes a war zone for a new species to arise and take form. Many will fail; many won’t be able to survive the planet’s environment or can not evolve fast enough to produce a living species that is capable of adapting. However, these molecules lay dormant until the Earth is consumed by the Sun and are eventually exploded back out into the universe.

Depending on the size of the Sun, it could end up as a white dwarf or implode to create a new galaxy. Either way, the energy (also in the form of matter) and seeds of life (DNA molecules) get an infinite chance to start the cycle again. Time as we know it becomes redundant because it has no end. It just runs in a revolution, like a toy train going around a track with an everlasting battery.

What does this mean for us here today? It could mean that we have ancestors spread out across the universe, in this time, the past and the future galaxies that have not yet come into existence.

Advanced Civilisation Theory

Suppose you can get your head around how many galaxies there are in our foreseeable universe and how many star systems with habitable planets exist in our galaxy. In that case, you might start to think about other civilisations out there. Probability tells us, we are not alone. Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us – time is different in other galactic systems, to the point where other planets can be millions of years ahead of us, suggesting we could be anything from an experiment to an accident. According to renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, there could be different levels of advanced civilisations out there in the cosmos. He talks about type 1, 2 and 3 civilisations, where type 1 can control the Sun, a type 2 can manage their solar systems, and type 3 can regulate their galaxy. An advanced race would do this for resources and energy. An advanced species could have landed on Earth, looking for minerals, precious metals or seawater – for hydrogen-powered technology. Some of them may have died, leaving behind their DNA, or they could have created us to help with mining or other tasks they didn’t want to get involved in.

Our ancient history has some fascinating artefacts that point to some of this ideology. Ancient Egypt is a strong starting point. Reading books by Graham Hancock also opens doors to some intriguing theories.

Hancock suggests that an advanced civilisation once ruled the lands of Earth. However, their technology may have been lost in some type of cataclysmic event. It’s not hard to see how this would work. If you compare current civilisations from first world countries and analyse that to tribes, who get on fine without our technology today, it’s easy to see particular societies are very different at the same point in time. Comparing history and modern cultures also shows that there may not have been any advanced alien species visiting Earth.

Observing these types of theories, also shows that our history goes back further than we have discovered. It throws our current models of ancient history out of sync with traditional textbooks.


Simulation Theory

When you think about a type 3 civilisation, it gives you plenty of ideas about the potential evolution of a species. If beings have mastered the technology to harness their galaxy, think about what else they have learned.

Imagine an advanced civilisation in the future (it could be us) I’m talking thousands of years into the future; a place built in a different dimension. This alternative world has a free society, no wars, the living is looked after, and no one dies unless they want to. There is no illness, no poverty, no cruelty and education is set on the highest platform. In this dimension, you can travel to the furthest reaches of the universe and explore new and existing galaxies; you can visit other planetary systems and attain new and exciting knowledge of the highest level.

*Quick Thought

Evolution points our existing world towards that direction, and we could or are making changes to see it so.

What if having all these advancements, causes some living beings to reject society or makes them want something that makes them appreciate it? The reasons for experiencing something new is on everyone’s agenda. Sometimes, it’s essential to learn the hardships to enjoy the finer things in life.

What if this advanced dimension can send you on a journey that can be designed or written by you? A world sits in an alternative universe that was built like a computer program. The laws of relativity make the journey into this world last for around 80 years, but only 8 hours there. All the variables of death, knowledge, fame, career and family, exist the same but without the futuristic free world.

It’s like a scene from the film ‘Total Recall’ or ‘The Matrix’, but it’s over a lifetime of feelings and memories. For the journey to work and attain the best experience possible, you have to be born into it; which enables you to accept a new life – an absolute reality.

I like this idea because it justifies all that is wrong with the world; it explains why it’s impossible to reach other star systems and galaxies (at the moment). This concept also explains our history and why the planet was re-set to build a new type of living world with a different playground of rules.

Maybe this is just one world you can experience; what if there were hundreds to choose from? What planet or journey would you choose next?

This could also suggest that the inner confinement of our galaxy is a futuristic quantum hard drive. The black hole is a power source that creates a reality where we live out the desired life span; we chose or wrote before we came. Could you imagine the processing power needed just to run one life form, let alone billions, all living out a paradoxical vista at the exact moment in time? A black hole could potentially: store, produce, replicate and command the interface of this whole world.

We could be a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that believes this simulator is as real as it gets. A reality within a reality created with living and breathing entities that define themselves as alive! A presence with past and future dimensionalities, written by an advanced civilisation – queuing up waiting to come in.

Can you imagine the advanced civilisation shop floor with a picture of Earth in the window? Selling points could include:

  • 80 years on Earth will only take 8 hours of your time here (Einstein’s theory of relativity)
  • Experience death, love, sex, shame, power and free will
  • Be a rockstar, actor, king, queen or War-lord
  • Experience life with all the variables that can kill you in an instant, which will give you a heightened experience beyond your imagination
  • Change the world, drive a ship or fly to Mars in primitive spacecraft
  • Write your journey
  • Study ancient history – live!
  • Or experience it and be happy to live a new life and be alive.

It gives suggestions as to why there’s so much evil in the world. We might be avatars living out a meaningless journey that only gives meaning to the driver who is having an 8-hour sleep.

Maybe you can interlace your personality in this life form, or maybe your thought patterns can interlink and cross the bridge from one reality to another. When I’m deep in thought, writing, designing or building websites, I sometimes feel that my thoughts are not my own. It gives reason to my ‘connecting to the ether theory’.

Time Travel

If we still think about an advanced civilisation in the future, what if we could create a dimension that collects every moment in time. Furthermore, what if you could access any point in time and re-visit it or live out the life of a particular person, watch any event or be part of a timestamp that created a crucial moment in the history of our world. A theory that interlinks with the advanced civilisation simulator but connects history as a sequence of events that can be accessed by a being who wants to experience history. What time would you like to experience it, or who would you like to come back as?

To experience time travel, you need access to a dimension that stores history. That’s why it’s difficult to travel back in time with our current understanding of physics. Travelling to a future Earth can be done using a vehicle that can travel close to the speed of light. However, travelling back in time needs to be stored, and needs to be available to the vehicle travelling back and forth. Is the answer in the workings of a black hole? Does a black hole store all the history of its galactic structure? A black hole is, after all, an energy system with a possible quantum hard drive.



Check out the book on Amazon – Observations – The Keys To The Universe.


The best way to understand any religion and where it comes from would be to study ancient history. Religion has taken many different formats since its birth, thousands of years ago. We have found fossils that show human activity as far back as 200,000 years. History seems to get older with every new find that turns up across the globe. It shows us that our current understanding of evolution can quickly change with new evidence from the past.

I speak to many different types of religious people. Some are at the gym, some come around my house to say hello, and others are my close friends. It’s interesting to see their perspective on why they believe their religious model is the correct one. All religions have many things in common, and all faiths have helped shape our current society. I listen to what these people have to say and can quickly see that they have learned something that has become a part of their lifestyle; it gives them the answers to the unknown and helps them structure their daily life cycle. There’s nothing wrong with that, and good luck to them.

I don’t want to dwell for too long on this subject as there are alternative perspectives littering every library shelf. I would like to summarise and combine history with the present day and the future into a few paragraphs.

The best way to look at religion “my tiny perspective” is to think of yourself as a being from an advanced civilisation, travelling through space and having a little visit to other planetary systems that have life. You might be a professor of evolution, a scientist or maybe, an engineer/miner seeking precious metals and diamonds. You come across Earth and find early civilisations. It’s not a good sight; people are eating each other, performing strange rituals, and going to war with each other over land and title. You find Beastiality and other horrific deeds performed by beings with an early state of consciousness. Ancient history is packed with humans doing unimaginable things to each other; our history is shameful.

As a being with advanced knowledge, your planetary system and society are thousands of years ahead of Earth. What do you offer them? Religion would be the answer because it’s simple yet powerful. Religion is what you would teach a young (childlike) civilisation to develop a higher state of consciousness through evolution. I’m not saying an alien came down and trained a select group of people in religion (?). What I’m saying is: think about the timeline of a civilisation developing through its natural life cycle. Now think about how we would look back on religion 500 years from now. It becomes a pastime in all cultures across Earth as we collectively move towards technology, space travel and finding a universal code that explains the unified theory of existence.

However, this does not cast out the God question. Physics (education) and developing a higher state of consciousness change how we ask questions. It advances our knowledge and opens up new doorways to learn and discover more. The God question still exists because if we find a unified theory that combines the quantum and celestial presence of reality. We still have one question – who wrote it? Did it manifest itself into existence over the infinite curvature of space? Maybe! Or maybe it was written.

If we can keep it together collectively as an evolving species, our future is going to be exciting for all that come after us and after them. Religion will be an afterthought, a moment in time where we learned rules to live by and moved forward.

The Code Of God

Trying to understand how the universe works through mathematics, relativity, gravity and life, I find the same answer – there is a code that builds this place we call the universe. This code can be read by beings who seek knowledge, and it’s found in everything. There may be one universal mathematical code that defines everything, but we have not found that. Think of the universal code as a book, with each page giving content to laws, patterns, worlds, stars, life and anything else that enters into your creative mind. You only have to use a search engine to seek great professors who have spent their lives unlocking segments and giving the answers in the form of equations and theory. The great thing about mathematics is the fact it can be discovered and read by any advanced civilisation across the universe. Equations can be learned and unlocked and push beings to uncover more secrets of a language written by something we are beginning to understand.

The fact that parts of the mathematic language are universal shows us that we have already discovered something that is no secret. It wants you to read it, play with it and compose new creative ideas with it. Language can change, and laws can be broken.

This code gives us the framework as to why we are here. It’s the front and back cover of a book that provides the empty pages for life to write its own story.

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