Discovering The Road
It’s human nature to look up to skies and wonder. Why? Where? How did we become? This is simply the wrong place to look or ask yourself these questions. It’s unimportant at this stage of existence. The reason is simple. We are not at a point of understanding the outer rims of the universe and unravelling the seeds of the Galaxy we live in.

However, we are slowly unravelling the building blocks of the quantum world. All that we know still does not make sense yet. The time will come when we are ready to move forward. This will come when we are able to live in harmony with all life on planet Earth. Only then will we be able to drive down new roads and discover our true potential as explorers, ready to seek out new worlds.

Manned Mars missions will fail, Manned missions to other planets will fail. Are we going for the right reasons yet?

If we can’t do it here, we won’t be able to achieve it elsewhere. Fortunately, the true act of peace between all living things will give us the answers naturally. New people will come forward and show us how to do it. It will be like they just dreamt it.

Finding The Path


We are still in a state of learning. Imagine walking into a room filled with all the information in the world. This would be a big room. Now think about walking into a room and seeing all the information in the universe. Can you imagine how big that room would be? Every human being on the planet needs to be at a certain point of education. This will drive society forward through the act of giving back and living in harmony. The only way to achieve this is to offer a free unlimited amount of education to everyone. Education will become humanities religion. Through this thought process, the world will become a wonderful place.

Real Vision Through Sight.

Seeing can come from many different aspects of life. It comes to those who are ready to wake up. It can come at many different ages, but the key is to see the alternative. Those that see have come from many different roads. It normally takes a physical emotional attachment; to make you question an action over and over again in your mind. This will drive you to seek the answers to the question you need, to feed your appetite to know. This can come from:

  • Understanding how politics really works (read your history)
  • A UFO or seeing something that is out of place
  • An out-of-body experience
  • Vivid dreaming of the past and future
  • Unravelling how the elites live and gain wealth
  • Discovering how the poor live and how easy it would be to change
  • Seeing animals being slaughtered and feeling their fear.

These are just a few examples of one case that will lead you to unravel the smog from your eyesight. Everything is not what it seems and once you become awake, you quickly realize how much of humanity is blind.

Follow The Right Road

How can you make a difference? Yes, you! the reader. How can you alone make a change that can carve the structure of society into a better understanding; that the time has come to change and move forward? It starts with you, it has to start with you. All you need to do is change.

  • Change what you eat – Organic
  • Change how you buy – keep it fresh – grow your own
  • Change what you do – go out for family walks, bike rides, turn the telly off, read more, spend more time with your children, spend more time with your friends, enjoy the free aspects of life
  • Take a pay cut and work a 4 day week
  • Burn your credit cards
  • Learn new things from the library
  • Explore your town or village and become part of the community
  • Involve yourself with your children’s education
  • Don’t be materialistic and get into debt
  • Learn a new skill in your spare time
  • Engage in conversation and smile
  • Give something back every year
  • Work towards giving society something back
  • Community charity events can help to build new schools, why are you waiting for the Government?
  • Understand why it’s important to vote and who to vote for. Politicians can only do so much, they help run the country and hold the people up; because good people don’t understand the dynamics of real politics. So, vote for a party that considers your children’s health, future and education. Green.

If you can make some of these changes, work colleagues, friends, family and people will question it. Tell them why, that is your power – to pass on your changes and explain why.

Watch it grow into a better future for all.

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