1. Love is that moment when you find yourself looking for your partner just to see what they are doing.

2. Hold hands and cuddle more often.

3. Smile at each other. Hold on to that feeling.

4. Youth lasts forever, it’s only your outer shell that tires.

5. Love is knowing that no one else will do.

6. Love is the most powerful emotion you will ever feel. It’s only when you lose love this chemistry will become apparent. Enjoy the moments we call time together.

7. In a dispute remain thoughtful as minds work differently and make altered calculations. Time and patients will show a lateral solution to the answer. What is right between wrong? An individual’s personal preference or perspective.

8. The difference between a man and a woman is a higher ratio of one chemical reaction. Your partner will have the same thought processes as you in many different situations. Is the challenge through life a moment to carry them out or just keep them as a thought?


1. A person’s mind struggles with repetition, it’s always looking for a way out. The answer is in the library.

2. If it’s taken you years to put something together for someone else. One day you have a realisation that everything you are, all your work, all your research and creativity was used to line someone’s pockets. What’s stopping you doing it yourself? It will only take you a quarter of the time to redo everything again. Be wary that they employed you for your skills and paid you for your time. Move your life forward with a positive outlook. A negative outlook on anything will close doors.


1. Your children mimic you, understand what they see as this is classified as normal behaviour in their mind.

2. Your children will bring joy, freedom and eternal happiness you will cherish for a lifetime. But remember this, they are you as much as you are your parents. You will live forever.

3. Nourish your children with everything you know. Imagine going back to your teens with everything you understand now. Through your children, this can be achieved.

4. Children do not see the world as we do. Everything unravels too fast for them to calculate time frames of multiple scenarios. They see limited information and rely on a heightened sense of things. They will remember most events like a film reel, which in turn steadies their mind for adulthood.

5. Your children will bring joy and happiness. When they wear the green mask, remember why you had them.

6. Your sons will honour you, your daughters will cherish you.

7. Through your children, you will see yourself, help rectify your mistakes.

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