1. Sometimes making out your not the most intellectual being in the room has its advantages. Don’t feel like you have to teach, assuming people don’t think as you can be very irritating.

2. Let people talk and engage in conversation. Being lavished in one person’s voice can hurt the eardrums.

3. Being told you are useless, weak, a waste of space or even pathetic should be seen as a challenge. Question the insult! Now you realise that they wanted you to be better because they could see the great potential only you hold inside your mind.

4. When the end is near. Smile, remember when you wake up this will only be a journey you wrote before you came. What planet will you choose next?

5. Take a moment to think why you chose to be here? You don’t need a sign. All the answers are just a thought away.

6. Sometimes when your journey is not going so great. Think about all the subjects in a library. Now ask yourself what subject would you choose? Once you have chosen, read, and doors will open.

7. The path to eternal life does not need to be taken; it has already awakened.

8. To become a genius, you must learn to use both the creative and academic threads of your mind. What’s the point in being top of the class at spelling if you can’t write a story?


9. Think of us in a 100years from now, now try 1000years. Think about what we can achieve. Now think 1 million years ahead of this current day. Unthinkable? This path of thought will give you a heightened sense of achievement.

10. The key to a successful future is providing every child with a perfect education system that explores the mind of an empty canvas. What picture will they paint? Those pictures are the future of humanity.

11. So few have all the power. Would it hurt to give it back? Would a king or a great leader give their throne back to the people who harvest their energy to keep them there? Only when the journey comes to an end, the realisation transforms before them. The truth is they knew all along.

12. It’s human nature to look up to skies and wonder. Why? Where? How did we become? This is simply the wrong place to look or ask yourself these questions. It’s unimportant at this stage of existence. The reason is simple. We are not at a point of understanding the outer rims of the universe and unravelling the seeds of the Galaxy we live in. We are slowly unravelling the building blocks of the quantum world. All that we know still does not make sense yet. The time will come when we are ready to move forward, but not in this lifetime.

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