The questions you may ask yourself in this lifetime are;

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What does it all mean?

The more you ask yourself these four burning questions, you begin to realize they all point to the same thing… Are they all asking the same question?

You are on a small journey to gain experience in the world that can be shaped by your will to generate a timeline of significance.

Imagine you are a supreme being standing in a room looking at a map of this Universe. You want to go on a journey to another dimension and you have multiple choices. Planet Earth is a location you have in mind, on this trip which could last for an average of 75 years, you will learn many different aspects of life as a human being. But 75 years on planet Earth is only 7.5 seconds from where you come from.

Remember, the theory of relativity? A great video that shows you how easy it is to understand.

You will be subjected to emotional states, such as love, anger, joy, fear, or even jealousy. You can learn through education, become a sports person, a comedian, run your own company or even be in charge of a country. Everyone is born the same but you will leave with a lifetime of experience. Most of these accomplishments come from free will and choice.

Imagine you can choose a country – be born into wealth, be poor, what about living in a dangerous environment?

What journey would you choose?

The biggest achievement would probably be arriving in the worst possible circumstances and leave knowing you made it against all the odds.

What if you become aware that once you pass (die) your energy dissipates back to where it came from and reformed back into its original state? All that seemed a lifetime on planet Earth was just a few seconds back in your original dimension. The reality, however, shows us that energy comes in vast forms and can change its state and frequency. The energy that lives inside us and makes me and you who we are; never dies. Energy only moves on to continue its journey of enlightenment.

You see, Einstein gave his theory of special relativity to the world. He told us that time is only relevant to a particular point in space. Time is different depending on where you are in the universe, or for that matter the planet you dwell on. But once he found the answer, did he really know what he just discovered? Did he try to look beyond something he wasn’t capable of thinking? Was the answer staring at him in the face to the point he realised he had discovered something but hesitated because we as humans were just not ready for it? Was this the reason he turned to a superior being for the answers? as he saw the code of life through everything. He did try and tell us we would find the answers there?

When you move on and wake up, do you wish to smile and be proud of your journey or shake your head and come back and try again? In this world, you have a choice to do as you wish. our gift is the act of choice through free will. Maybe you should make it count.

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