1). She hid her smile in the glow of moonlight.

2). I felt her breath on my ear as she whispered something I’ll never forget.

3). We met again at the bus station and held hands as 20 years drove past.

4). We make love in the shadows, kiss in secret and cuddle under the apple blossom.

5). Kiss her goodbye even when the kids are close by.

6). Embrace her swings, care for his moods and fly without wings for each other.

7). We both laugh with each other, and that’s why it works.

8). Her tears filled the cosmos with stardust.

9). We lost love but found it again, surrounded by impossible circumstances.

10). We were out-out and realized we weren’t missing much.

11). Love grows as life gets old.

12). Her beauty lit the world with hope.
13). He built the world so she could cope.

14). We kissed like poets, breathing words that will never be heard.

15). We showed each other our magic tricks but still kept them a secret.

16). She was wet with pain and suffering as she waited for him to enter.

17). She wanted it to last forever, so he carried on.

18). She wanted to make love in the mornings under the starlight from the sun.

19). He was wild, and she wanted to tame him.
20). She was wild, and he was drunk on love.

21). She was drunk on pink gin with lemonade.
22). He was sober from the fumes of her vanilla perfume.

23). She was lost on life, but he found her before it was too late.

24). He wrote her a love letter, and she spilt tears until the words disappeared.

25). He said hello with a beautiful smile, and her soul ignited to become his mate.

26). She wrote the words while feeling love; he read them and found a delicate white dove.

From the book – Love Poems From The Universe – available on Amazon


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