1) See life for what it is, not many people can do that.

2) Find a quiet room, sit down, relax and be calm with yourself. Now take some time to question reality, disconnect from your conscious and you will be shown that all this isn’t real.

3) Making assumptions is what stupid people do.

4) The little things mean nothing at the end.

5) Some people can see your feelings, remember that.

6) Don’t rush life, play with it.

7) Loyalty is one of the hardest traits to find, it’s normally discovered too late.

8) If happiness is free, what are you chasing?

9) A rich person just lives in a bigger house.

10) Good friends are those people who keep knocking at your door to share some of your time.

11) I wrote my own destiny before I came.

12) You own nothing, you’re only borrowing it. Think about that for a moment and you will be happy.


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