Finding the perfect picture to place in your room can be a very long process. Especially if you and your partner have very different tastes. Wall art can come in many different forms, so, it’s important to get it right.

Loving poetry and wisdom in the form of art can be significantly thought provoking. This reflection process shows you have studied the room and visualised the outcome. Writing down some considerations can help get you started:

  • Landscape or portrait?
  • Size of Picture – depends on the room and wall size
  • Graphic, text, digital, photograph or a mixture of variables
  • Frame type and size
  • Border or no boarder
  • Cost of the wall art
  • Colour
  • Feelings
  • Designer or mass print
  • Create a statement and talking point.


Landscape or Portrait

Depending on the shape of your wall, landscape pictures tend to work better with a landscape wall, whereas the portrait looks visually better with a portrait wall. This isn’t set in stone, but if you choose the reverse, it might be a good idea to get the size of the picture correct. Leave plenty of space around the final wall art being selected.

Size of Picture

The final dimensions of your picture should take into consideration the room size. If you have a 3m by 4m room, it might be wise to pick a small to medium size picture. For example, a 40cm x 30cm on the 4m walls (landscape) would look acceptable for this room size. Anything bigger could drown out the room size and make the overall look and feel of the room feel smaller. If the picture is busy or vibrant, it might need more space to breathe. Let the picture be the centrepiece and talking point.


Think of the picture like a TV. Will a 60in television look too big on a small wall? We’ve all been in a living room where the size of the TV, just completely overpowers everything else in the room, this looks ridiculous. Size isn’t everything; let your considered purchase breath.

Graphic, Text, Digital, Photograph, or a Mixture

The creator of a wall art picture has many variables to choose from. However, the final picture is normally completed using feelings, spacing and an eye for design. He/she will create visuals that are clean, full of digital flair, busy or just simple text that has been aligned using considered spacing. You will normally pick your final picture based on feelings alone. A picture will, and can mean something different to anyone who looks upon it. Choose something that means something to you.


Frame Type and size

Paradoxical Vista offers a wide variety of beautiful frames, these include:

solid wood frame with anti-glare acrylic glass and a 2-inch mat board. These are perfect warmth or to match your wooden furniture.

Framed Canvas
Artist-grade canvas. Image wrapped around solid wood with tight, clean corners, mounted on a frame. A framed canvas adds a very professional look and aura to final artwork. You can normally see this type of finish in high profile buildings.

Professionally mounted artist-grade canvas on solid wood with tight, clean corners. This finish gives the artwork, character, designer and a raw finish. Perfect for studios, living areas and offices.

Eco-friendly, 100% post-consumer recycled ChromaLuxe aluminium surface. This type of frame has an elegant finish and can work very well in a timeless, modern setting.

All these frame types can have an impact on the final picture. It really does depend on the quality and look you want for your room.


You can also choose from a white border on the framed versions; this allows for depth and maximum impact for your final picture. If you have small rooms, the depth can make your room feel larger and give the viewer a perspective on the content. Think of using a border as a window frame that helps with significance.


Cost of Wall Art

Cost depends on size, most of the time. This is mainly due to the materials being used. The Paradoxical Vista range can vary between £4 to £300 depending on the frame or canvas type. If your budget is lower, we recommend purchasing a Lustre Paper print in your desired size. You can frame these yourself to keep costs low. If you would require something larger than the sizes available, or something bespoke? Please enquire.


Picking the colour of your final wall art can be difficult. Here is a few tips to get you going:

  1. Clean walls can work with clean or vivid pictures
  2. Busy colours or wallpapered walls work better with text or flat colour pictures
  3. Contemporary – can be a mixture of modern, vintage and classic
  4. Cottage – Softwood and textures
  5. Modern – Metal – clean whites and piano blacks
  6. Timeless – White and blacks, text, designer feel
  7. Classic – Anything goes, make it work with the colour of your room
  8. Vintage – Wooden frames, old photos on canvas and portraits.

These analogies are for guidance only, remember, design is subjective, pick what works for you and enjoy what you think works well.



Design and the whole creative process is a fascinating spectacle for both the creator and the viewer. Generating a work of art that allows beings to feel is an act of giving and receiving. There’s nothing quite like it; ultimately, a creator wants the world to see his/her creations.

Your feelings are personal to you and what you take away from a picture is yours alone, or can be shared with others who can see your final choice of art.

Designer or Mass Print

Buying a work of art does come down to cost; nonetheless, if you are wise with your consideration before purchase, you can choose something that the masses won’t find or have in their home. Your buying something unique because you sought after something that means something to you. Paradoxical Vista can only be found by people who enjoy poetry, wisdom which is combined with wall art and books and photography.

If you want something designed so only one exists on the planet? Get in touch.

Create a statement and talking point

Paradoxical Vista’s books, wall art, graphics, poems and wisdom has been created to open your mind and question reality. We want to give you a heightened sense of consciousness; we want you to smile, communicate and subject your mind to new ideas and ideologies.


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