The CoronaVirus sliced through every country like the air needed to fill our lungs with a single breath. Current figures show that it will wipe out around 6-8% of the living population on a global scale. We as a species are very lucky that we didn’t see the opposite, with the virus only leaving 6-8% of the planet’s population alive; which would have left us with a very different story. We could have had a repeat of the Black Death or the Spanish Flu, or, we might have just carried on; without any idea with what history lessons could have in store for us next.

The problem is, we still see ourselves as a superior race and abuse everything in front of us which needs to change indefinitely. If the powers of democracy can’t change this scenario for an equilibrium future, the public needs to act and help redefine what is expected of the people we place in power. We acted slowly to something that could have mutated and wiped us out quickly.

What Lessons Did The CoronaVirus Teach us?

  1. Most governments around the world looked lost and ill-prepared for anything like this
  2. We acted very slowly to protect peoples health, emphasis was focused to protect the economy (wealth), which doesn’t exist without the public
  3. Global transport should have been shut down instantly
  4. Testing kits should have been ready so all positive sources could be traceable
  5. The central banking system has too much power – who will pay the never-ending national debt this has created? (The working public)
  6. We are still killing innocent animals for unnecessary food sources
  7. Media channels have too much power in spreading information that caused uncertainty or lack of aptitude
  8. Our NHS – front line workers – lacked the correct equipment and infrastructure to deal with any pandemic
  9. The human population has a very poor collective consciousness
  10. Our global status as a species is highly fragile.

World Governments

As governments around the world took centre stage, Prime Ministers and Presidents projected uncertainty. It looked like all they knew, was that people were going to die before their time. Why was there a delay in response and how did top scientists get the scenario very wrong? In the future, a lockdown needs to happen ASAP. Testing is required for everyone coming back into the country and the global population should be in isolation for at least 4 weeks until numbers can be accounted for. Death rates would come down drastically if we acted on speed. All governments should collaborate quickly and be able to lock down the world with provisions for the economy to pause until further notice. It’s about quickly coming together as a species to make sure we have an agenda that works to unite the world.

Protect The Economy

As a global species living in separate countries, we understand our differences. If a pandemic arises again, we should be able to pause the economy instantly. This protects all assets and it can be restarted again once every country is in the green. Pushing money into working people’s bank accounts or through businesses should happen quickly and without no worry from borrowing or escalating debt. We all know, money! Does not exist and is just a number on a screen. The central banking system that relies on debt and stock to make money, can and should push out clean funds to stabilise the economy. This debt should be wiped off instantly until the pandemic is over and the economy kicks starts again from where it left off.

Collective Consciousness

The coronaVirus showed us quickly that our collective consciousness is still very weak. We tend to make assumptions even when the facts were given to a nation, which provokes a very different response for individuals or groups of people. Here are a few things we could have made clearer, so every level of consciousness could understand;

Social Distancing

  • Stay away from everyone
  • If you have to go out for medical or shopping essentials; wear a mask and gloves
  • Do not visit friends and family
  • Working from home is a priority for all employers
  • Front line workers should wear the correct protective equipment from day 1
  • If you need to go out for exercise, stay away from everyone and wear a mask
  • If the rules are broken, expect police intervention.

This is easy to follow and everyone, even children can understand this message. I feel the information was a bit wishy-washy for most people to understand. This caused problems that could have been avoided. It took too long for leaflets and government guidelines to be pushed forward. The 2-meter rule is ridiculous because the virus might be contracted through the air.

Our collective consciousness is steadily growing but we still need to be clearer and offer information that is less confusing.

The Media

All media channels in a pandemic crisis should only be allowed to report facts. Facts, facts, facts, facts and facts! No assumptions, no embellished data, and definitely no opinions with exaggerated scare factors. They should be reporting on;

  • Projections
  • Time frames
  • Government rules and legislation
  • How to help each local community
  • Global status and recovery.

There’s nothing worse than people sitting at home wondering what is right and what is mainstream media bullshit!

CoronaVirus Update

Live confirmed cases = [covid-watch] [covid-watch country=”All”]  

Confirmed Deaths World Visual

Dark red = higher death rate
Light red = lower death rate.
[covid-live-map sort=”deaths” height=”500px”]  

Global History Of CoronaVirus


Killing Innocent Animals

The media has told us that the coronaVirus came from a wet market in Wuhan. The Telegraph reports;

The source of the coronavirus is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds.

Such markets pose a heightened risk of viruses jumping from animals to humans because hygiene standards are difficult to maintain if live animals are being kept and butchered on site. Typically, they are also densely packed allowing disease to spread from species to species.

If you combine our collective consciousness at this current time and look at how some countries treat animals; it’s worrying for any future date. Should we still be killing innocent animals that share our planet for food or deranged health properties? The short answer is no! The long term solution is to leave wild animals alone, harvest meat through modern farming standards or look to produce meat using cell growth systems (cultured meat). The last option would allow a source of protein to be produced without killing a living creature or having the potential to pass on unknown viruses to human beings.

The Front Line

Doctors and nurses have been put at the most risk from the coronaVirus pandemic. With the death rate still rising, governments should have made sure that all working staff members had the correct safety equipment. This would have put all front line workers in a less vulnerable position for catching the disease. In the future, every country needs to have provisions in place to help protect members of the public and the front line professionals.

Front Line Workers Include;

  • NHS staff
  • Social care workers
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Police officers
  • Court staff
  • Religious staff
  • Journalists
  • Some government staff
  • Delivery workers
  • Supermarket staff
  • Army and MoD
  • Firefighters
  • Prison and probation
  • Transport workers
  • ‘Infrastructure’ inc gas & electric
  • Some financial service

As you can see, that is lot of people who need to have the correct equipment to fight a virus. It could be mandatory in the future for all key workers to carry a spare emergency bag or case with protective clothing, gloves and a face mask. This will help with a fast response for any future outbreaks.

We Are A Fragile Species

History shows us many things, and the further we look back in time, the more lessons we can take from it. Many species have walked on Earth, many have vanished, and many new ones have also come into existence. Advanced human civilisations have risen and disappeared. There can be many reasons for these highs and lows in the circle of life. The answer for us to sustain a peaceful, meaningful life journey can be found through higher knowledge. For us to beat a virus (like the coronaVirus) in the future that can potentially wipe us out, we need to be prepared, we need to be ready and we certainly need to put our education system in the highest place possible.

*My thoughts are with all the front line workers around the world. We were warned by individuals (Obama and Gates) that this would become a problem in the future. However, we forgot about the severity of history and carried on like a privileged race.

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