I can hear the white owl at night,
he calls to any female living out of sight.
I can hear the wife sleeping as she breaths upon her sequenced breath.

The dark starts to enter inside my eyes,
just like the cold night sky.

I feel like a wizard without a tall hat
and no magic to explode into this moment we call life.
I feel alive and dead at the same time.

Particles of fluorescent wonders – spill into my darkroom
from the fire in the landing light.

I can see through my third eye;
it wants to take me on another ride.
I can see the universe showing me it’s secrets in reverse via this moment we call life.

The cracks in my hand grow deeper with every year,
reminding me that my time grows even near.

I like to think beyond my imagination;
it takes me to places before my reincarnation.
I think about my life from as far back as I can.
I’m sitting in the garden with my beautiful nan.

Landscapes of vivid blues and greens,
show me a consciousness that I can only dream.

I like to write without no thought;
these words come from a place unknown.
I know not, why I write these words –
help me find a way to converse.

This long day has to end –
I’m not the master of all this pretend.
My intuition is coming to an end!
Will these words make you transcend?

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