My Little Brother

My little brother – wears a nappy on his head.
He plays with all my toys and throws them in a mess.
He’s always drinking bot bots and even wets the bed.
Sometimes, he jumps on me – when I’m playing or having a little rest.
But he smiles and talks to me, and that’s when I love him best.
He’s my little brother and he puts me to the test.

Healthy Kids

Pears and plums –
Put them in your lunch box for some healthy fun.
Because if you forget to eat fresh food
You might get ill and then you’ll be a fool.

The Kids Of The 90’s

Get off those consoles and put them phones down.
It’s time to run around in the massive playground.
Let’s play those games – when our mums and dads were kids.
They had lots of fun and told us how they did;

Kiss chase,
Playing marbles for a quid.

Cherry knocking,
Playing Kirby with the kids.

Beat the letter,
And playing ball games in the park.

We can never understand – how they managed to leave their mark.

Welly Boots

Welly boots
Welly boots
Running around the town
Welly boots
Welly boots
Stopping your feet to drawn
Welly boots
Welly boots
Come in all colours and sizes
Welly boots
Welly boots
Make sure to tuck in your trousers.

Stinky Bum

Stinky, stinky –
Little bum
How I wonder, how you run?

Jumping around the house – having lots of silly fun
When people come round you turn into my naughty little son.

Stinky, stinky
Little bum

Get on that potty and get the job done.

Last Shout Before Bed

Let’s shout out at mum
Let’s shout out at dad

Let’s shout out! –
Until the neighbours come

Shouting all around
Shouting around the town

Shouting out all sorts of stuff – put on your dressing gown!

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