The rise of 5G turns the world into a heightened state.
Data can now rise and fall for a deliberate – continuous rate.
Streaming is beyond dreaming.
Information moves faster than light – giving more intellect for minds who await.
Are we ready for a network that’s going to keep us awake?

Facial recognition.
Global conditioning.
Self-driving cars – parking in the desired place.
AI starts to roam around the streets.
Are you ready for advertising to jump around your feet?

These new 5G towers are in every street,
some are even masked by deranged metal trees;
giving off electromagnetic radiation – stronger than words we speak.
People have seen the birds dying;
mothers have seen their children frying,
while conspiracy theorists start linking countries to the coronavirus,
but what are the answers to all this trickery that we seek?

Maybe it’s the combination of all the senders and receivers?
A collective entity that messes with all this organic wonder,
giving it a place on the ionising radiation blunder.

What will the future bring?
Will humans have a collective consciousness
that helps our growing offspring?

We are electrifying our minds with this supernatural wonder.
Let’s all look up and start to really wonder.
What will the outcome bring?
Will it help our growing infrastructure?
Or bring an end to what we know,
so we can become beings without no soul.

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