Many people from different walks of life meditate. Meditation is a form of exercise that reverses the physical output from your daily life cycle; it brings peace, balance and fills your mind and body with positive energy.

To engage in meditation doesn’t mean you must be highly religious, believe in a god or live in the mountains with Tibetan monks. This art form can be practised by anyone who has a will to do so. Meditation is practised by humans all over the world. Your profession doesn’t matter; you could be a doctor, lawyer, labourer, apprentice, pilot or teacher. It doesn’t matter what religion you practise or what clothes you wear. Meditation is a universal mechanism that helps you resonate with the universe while assisting you on the life journey ahead.

If you’re practising or just starting to meditate, this article will give you extra guidance on achieving different states of meditation. Depending on how long you have been practising, you may notice you have an ability to achieve a higher state of consciousness. You may want to feel relaxed, feel energised, be at one with yourself or seek a spiritual connection with the cosmos. Many doorways can be opened, and you will be surprised at what can be achieved.

The States Of Meditation

Meditation comes in four states. The final stage of meditation (State 4) can be easy or very difficult to achieve. It depends on the individual and connecting with the frequencies beyond what we define as reality.


With all the states of mediation, you must start with state 1. It would help if you perfected state one before moving forward with each new state. This first step can be achieved by everyone and can be performed daily. You can practise state one anywhere or anytime. You will feel refreshed, de-stressed and ready to take on your next daily challenge.

Getting Ready To Meditate

In order to attain state 1 follow these steps.

Find a quiet place – it can be outside in the park, your garden, inside the car, a toilet, cupboard, the bedroom, a shed or a summerhouse. The idea is to find somewhere free from distractions.

Finding the perfect seating position is also essential! A natural bearing defines how relaxed you can become without thinking about your body. It’s up to you how you sit. Try the cross-legged position with your hands facing down or up, head straight, down or up. The idea is to get comfortable, use a seated position that works for you; everyone is different. Through available media channels, you may have noticed that there does seem to be a universal – meditating seated position. The legs are crossed, the back is straight, the finger and thumb create a circle at the end of the hand. This seated position can help with meditation because it keeps the body very relaxed, stable and allows the air to fall through your lungs. The positional state of meditation should enable you to be incredibly comfortable, to the point where you’re not aware of it.

meditation-seating position

Close your eyes
Once you are comfortable and feel safe in your surrounding environment, close your eyes. Not tight, close your eyelids softly – like a feather gently touching your face. Don’t force them to close; let them fall across your eyes – as time has just stopped. You want to feel weightless without putting any effort into your posture, muscles or other external factors. Keep it there and slow everything down, your heart rate, your breathing and the body from making any tiny adjustments; feel grounded, connected and let your energy fall through you.

It can take a little practice to get these two variables right, especially if you’re starting. Simple things can cause a distraction and just upset the whole process. Finding a balanced and connective state depends on how sensitive you are to the environment. Here is a list of things that may help you get in the zone:

  • Close the windows and doors of the room
  • Remove your socks and shoes or any other clothing that can cause discomfort or create an itch
  • Turn the lights off and sit in the dark – (this may work better for you)
  • If you can’t get comfortable with your posture through sitting, try lying down
  • Make sure the temperature in your location isn’t too hot or cold
  • Meditate before eating large meals
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
  • Try meditating with a friend or family member
  • Remove jewellery or anything else that could inject invalid thoughts
  • Try and position yourself in different locations – (facing the window, alternative corners of a room, different rooms altogether or places); you might be able to resonate with the universe better by doing these simple tweaks.

All these subtle gestures help dilute any interference and interruptions. You want to focus on the moment without any perplexities. This will help you achieve a higher state of meditation.

These processes can take a good 2-5 minutes before you forget about doing them. If you can’t get comfortable or there are too many distractions, it might be better to leave your meditation for a later date or time.

State 1 – (Beginner)

Once you have applied these motions before starting, settle down and collect yourself. Now your eyes are closed, the first state begins.

You should see the darkness, with subtle, alluring colours – splashing through your eyelids. Feel the air bouncing through your face and holding your hands. The silence will fill up with tiny noises you usually block out. You will start to hear the birds singing, the insects collecting, generators turning, the taps dripping, people’s voices laughing and conversing.

You’re becoming heightened to your surroundings through the receptors that are defined by the five senses.


  • Feel your body harvesting the sun’s rays
  • Smell the pollen or raindrops from the storm
  • Paint the picture inside your mind of where you are and who you have become
  • Let the darkness become you! While resonating with the energy around you
  • See the light entwine with the memories of all that is you.

Find peace and look through yourself, not inwards; look outwards and reach out with your mind. Try and connect with the energy that surrounds you and links to this moment in time.

Continue looking through your mind until you feel ready to step back into reality. You can hold this state for the desired time deemed necessary.

Once you are ready to open your eyes, let them fall open again. They will be filled with vivid colours of reality. You should feel revived, calm and happy.

It doesn’t take long to reach this state. You can try this for 10-20 minutes. If you get this state right and practise often, you will feel awoken from a full night’s sleep. The most potent benefit comes directly from not feeling like you’ve just slept for eight hours. You don’t need to go through the morning waking up process. You feel instantly revived.

Try and practise this state as often as you like. After a few weeks of doing this once a day, your mind will seek meditation, and you may even wonder why you didn’t start this simple art form sooner.

State 2 – (Intermediate)

Once you have mastered state one over a short or long time, it’s time to learn state 2. All of the following states come directly from the first state; therefore, it’s essential to get it right. State 2 relies on you looking through yourself.

While in the meditation zone, you should see colours forming in front of your eyes. The saturated auras are circular in shape and have motion; they tend to bend and twist with each other. These colours are not vivid but have a darkish hue or tint to them. You should see reds, oranges, purples and blues. You may also see other colours forming (contrasting layers of blacks and greys) with different shapes manipulated through a visual experience.

It would help if you practised state 1 for a couple of weeks before seeing these. You might be able to see these sooner; it depends on how your mind is wired.


  • Learn to see through the blackness
  • Look forward beyond where the darkness lies
  • Open your eyes but keep your eyelids hovering softly over the eyes
  • Don’t force it – think of meditation like the sea crashing over the sand
  • Think of the galaxy reaching out, nesting billions of solar systems in its arms
  • See the quasars of colour sparking through your mind
  • Let the shapes fill your vision with new designs.

This is the first heightened state of meditation. Your visual cortex is now connecting with the frequencies that resonate through you. You are a being, both physical and spiritual. The energy that resides inside you can work on a subatomic level. This heightened state connects your conscious knowledge to the wavelengths around you.

State 3 – (Advance)

The third state brings imagery in many different forms. It can be a bit like daydreaming, with events happening inside your mind. State 3 brings two different types of imagery.

The first images come directly from the visual auras (colours and shapes in state 2). It’s like looking at the clouds in the sky. Your mind will see animals, faces, entities, hands and objects of all different kinds. They will flow to you from a distance and dissipate as they get closer. Some of these entities will repeat themselves through your visual senses. It might look like these faces are trying to connect with you, like a video call. You might hear voices and decide to start a conversation with them. This can seem strange in the first instance. Your consciousness connects with beings of a higher dimension, an advanced civilisation in other parts of the universe, or other people meditating on this planet.

Does this seem a little spooky or unrealistic? You may be thinking that the last paragraph is complete nonsense. You may take something completely different away from your visuals. However, after 20 years of practice, this is what I see.


The second range of visuals comes directly from your minds catalogue of life experiences. Your mind is very good at creating new visuals from past, present or future events. This is the same process as daydreaming or dreaming while you’re asleep. These wavelengths creep into the meditative state. You can watch these visuals and take from them what you wish.

They can represent what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. They may give you new ideas or the answers to a problem you are working on. These visuals are powerful and resonate with the ether that surrounds us on this planet. You have the ability to receive information in the form of imagery that makes sense to your reality.

Once you start seeing visuals through meditating, you are connecting with your consciousness on a higher level. You’re starting to master your own thoughts while connecting with the energy that resides inside you.


  • Focus on the front of your mind and push the visuals through you
  • Pull from the rear of your mind and bring them to the front
  • Reach out with your mind and pull the visual in
  • Visualise the energy resonating above and around you
  • Let the waves attach to you like a magnetic field.

You might only get milliseconds of imagery. Sometimes the visuals last longer, but these are still only one or two seconds’ worth. You can reflect on this as you slowly open your eyes after a session. You may receive many different visuals over your meditation time, and they can mean many different things; based on what you’re doing with your life.

State 4 – (Master)

The final stage of meditation combines all your senses, energy and frequency. Reaching this fully heightened state takes focus and time to achieve. You can’t force it or achieve this state every time while meditating. You can compare this state to being at one with yourself, playing a musical instrument, hitting each note perfectly, getting your best result in a sporting event, or painting the perfect picture. Everything feels right, and it just happens for you.

You will feel both the first and second states (described in state 3) combined if you reach this state. The frequency of each wavelength matches and outputs a rainbow visual.

These visuals project a high definition film that is crystal clear. However, the visuals are surrounded by lines of green, blue and red. This state can show you ancient, present and future visions.


  • You may find yourself watching the sunrise while standing on the moon
  • Walking with thousands of people in the sand mountains of ancient Egypt
  • Watching a close family member being put to rest
  • See your children before they are born
  • Watch mass future events like war, floods and famine
  • A change in your employment
  • You may see your own galaxy from a distance with an overwhelming feeling of home.

These visuals hang in your mind; they don’t dissipate quickly like those in state 3. State 4 of meditation shows you! And it reminds you! That we are all connected.


  • Focus deep inside the centre of your mind and pull the visuals outwards through your eyes
  • Bring both frequencies together while looking through the centre of your mind (look through and outward – NOT inwards – ALWAYS outwards)
  • Feel the fast and slowness of the energy waves
  • Resonate with the flow of your conscious mind in both reality and actuality
  • Pull and bring everything together.

These helping notes are designed to guide you on feeling and thinking while in a meditative state. It isn’t easy to describe what’s going on inside your mind while meditating. However, these notes give you a visual representation of what’s happening. You can get an insight into how or what to expect in these states.

These heightened states can make you feel nauseous. You might find that after reaching state 4, you can’t meditate again for at least a week. Once you close your eyes and tune in, the information comes too fast, and you can’t slow it down. A week off tends to slow everything down again.

It can be challenging for someone that doesn’t meditate to understand a conceivable alternative reality. People that reach a heightened perspective through meditation tend to keep the information received to themselves. Try talking to friends and family about what you’re doing, and they will most certainly laugh. However, now and again, someone will pull you aside and ask for more knowledge. Teach them and listen to their progress; it’s enriching, knowing that they share the same level of consciousness as you do.

Helping You Connect To A Higher Frequency

Achieving a complete meditative state can come easy or can be very difficult for many different people. You may need a trigger point, which can be in the form of visual aids inside your mind. If you struggle to get past stage 1, here are some tips to further your connection using meditation.


Try and think of something that can be built inside your mind. This could be a flower, the moon, a pencil, a glass or cup, perhaps a tree inside your garden. Construct the visual at the front of your head (inside your mind using the process of thought). This is a perfect starting point that helps you engage.


Try and keep repeating the object over again in your thoughts. Now try adding detail, shadows and different colours. Build more things, small and large, think about how those objects look and feel in the palm of your hand. Bringing your feelings into play will help you master sensory patterns between mind and spine.


Another way that might help would be to repeat a word in your thoughts. Let’s stick with the word flower. While in state 1, repeat this word to yourself (in your thoughts). The idea is to be gentle with the word, smile, relax and compose your thoughts and feelings through the vibration you resonate at. Repeating the word to yourself helps you find that equilibrium state. Saying the word slowly should fill your mind with visuals and open new doorways inside your mind.


A fantastic trigger point to use, once established and practised, is to build a room inside your mind. This is a visual representation of where you are at this present moment in time.

Let’s say you’re sitting in your home and want to meditate in your living room. Close your eyes and relax for 2 to 5 minutes. Now, start building the room (all the details you saw before you closed your eyes) inside your thoughts. Pull all the elements together, add everything you can, and build the components as you sit and relax. Try and picture where the TV is, the furniture, the colour of the cushions, the windows and doors. Visualise the paintwork, skirting boards, feel the carpet on your feet, feel the air flowing through the window and touching your skin. Pack your mind with all your external receptors, reach out and pull everything inside your mind.

Keep practising this trigger point because it’s a highly advanced mechanism to help you achieve state 4.

After several weeks of practice, you will find yourself building exact replicas of where you are sitting. Your eyes will feel open, even though they are closed. This helps merge reality with your conscious state. You are connecting the two, which helps bring your frequency of states 2 and 3 together.

These three trigger points should be ample to get you in a higher state of mediation.

All 4 states of meditation are achievable. I have personally helped friends and family achieve different states of meditation. Some carry-on practising, while others enjoyed the experience and didn’t carry it on. Try and find some free time within your daily routine. It’s rather like going to the gym, reading a new book, watching a film or doing something else you enjoy. By making time for meditation, I promise you will feel the benefits after each session.

Physical Suggestions To Help With Visuals

While meditating, you can create slight physical changes in your body. This can help you reach different states throughout your meditation cycles.

Tilting Your Head Up And Down

While meditating in state 1, tilt your head up and then slowly back down. This helps to bring in different wavelengths of light to your frontal cortex. The range of light can increase and decrease while you look through yourself and channel energy around your mind. This movement can also help to bring in the natural light auras. Try this a few times while in the first 5 minutes of meditation. Move the head slowly up and hold, now move your head downwards, enabling your chin to touch the neck area. Stay in the position that is most comfortable, head straight, down or slightly up. You only need to cycle this movement once or twice throughout your session.

Rubbing The Front Of Your Head

Before you start or while in state 1, you can relax your mind using frontal head stimulation. Take your thumb and index finger, position the thumb and finger at the end of both brows and bring your finger and thumb together. Now push back out and repeat around 15 to 20 times. This movement can help channel feeling and a tingling sensation in the front of your mind. It helps activate the frontal lobe, which is vital for memory, emotions and cognitive control.

Outside Or Inside

Finding the perfect place to meditate can also bring new heightened moments of consciousness.

Meditating outside is very different from inside a building or your home; a persons connectivity rate triples from all the outside stimulation. You also have direct contact with the ether, which is an energy system directly above your head.

Here are some things you will instantly notice:

  • The auras become extremely vivid and powerful
  • Your visions become clearer
  • You can feel stimulation from the breeze rubbing over your skin
  • Your sense of smell and hearing become heightened
  • A sense of connection enables you to reach a higher state.

If it’s a nice day outside, try meditating in your garden, in the park or maybe at the beach.

Meditating inside also comes with attractive benefits. You can concentrate on the moment and be taken on a journey. The visuals are less colourful; however, details tend to be clearer. Being inside is also cosy, relaxing, silent and peaceful.

Meditation In The Workplace

Practising the art of meditation in the workplace brings with it many advantages. Employment can be stressful, sometimes members of staff need to go somewhere for 20-30minutes and collect their thoughts.

Employers could set up a small room that is cosy and quiet. Employees could book out the room for the desired segmented slot. This can be utilised as a part of their dinner hour or break time. A simply offering that helps promote both physical and mental stability in the workplace.

Meditation, without all the visuals, has powerful benefits for individuals. People can need time to collect their thoughts and set themselves up for the afternoon workload.

7 Benefits Received Through Meditation
  1. Clear the cloudy, busy mind from all the daily noise
  2. Feel energised without the waking up process
  3. Find the solution to problems or stimulate creative ideas
  4. See an increase in production and work flow within the working environment
  5. Feel happy and vibrant, stress free and detoxicated
  6. Feel calm and collective (brilliant before presentations and meetings)
  7. Bring on a change of mood – from poor to good.

Why wouldn’t you want to feel like this throughout your working routine? Meditation can help all members of staff reach a peaceful and ambient state. It just needs to be introduced and taught. The teaching part can come from this article or from someone that has experience in meditation.

Final Thought

Some people ask me, is there a 5th state of mediation? The answer is yes! However, the 5th state overlays the ability to break free from your avatar and experience the out of body phenomemum. It’s a complex state to achieve, but people experience this state naturally and have different reasons for why it happened.

Meditation can also help with:

  • Moods – stress – depression – Knowledge
  • In sport
  • Children’s cognitive development
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Sleeping
  • Healing.

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