With the rise of NFTs taking over the universe, I thought it might be wise to join the expansion of jpegs, animation, space punks and collectables.

My first collection of space art reflects the poetry and imagery I create for my website. In the future, you might expect some collectables, punks and sci-fi animation. Watch this space!.

I’m even thinking about doing an NFT poetry dump in the next few weeks. So, without further anticipation, I give you my first collection.

Star Wars NFTs

I tend to spend a lot of time on the Norfolk coast, walking about and taking a few snaps with my camera. I have merged photos from Disney Land, space pictures and planets to try and show live representations of the Star Wars ships landing or flying. Photoshop is a powerful tool if you know how to cut objects out, add a little shadow and plat around with the contrast and saturation features.

Here are a few low-resolution images taken from the Star Wars NFT collection.

Millennium Falcon On The Norfolk Sand Dunes


Millennium Falcon & AT-ST Between the Glens Of Scotland


Space Art NFTs

I love space art and follow many different accounts on Instagram. I might start developing characters for a new NFT collection in the future. At the moment, I’m taking local landscape pictures and adding in nebula dust clouds, galaxy formations, stars and planets.

Every picture created is a static image. This way, it can be used for prints, canvas creations and other types of wall art.

Check out these low res NFTs as part of the space art collection.


meditations NFT

Star Dust Moon


Each NFT is one of a kind and are all digitally signed by me, D. J. Irvine. If you like what you see and like collecting NFTs? Please check me out here.

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