We are just people,
watching life through a lens of wrongs.
As time unravels into age,
we grow and feel a different rage.
Most of us became compassionate,
give back and think of death as adequate.

Few see the alternative,
spin lies, fakery and live into misery.
We shake their hands,
look into their minds and see no narrative.
What a way to lead a life!
Fool’s with no additive.

We are just people singing a song,
understanding our journey that twists and turns.

Sometimes, it’s best to let go,
turn around and take a different road.

Some friends distort the code;
some friends show no remorse;
some friends even know;
it’s just the way their minds flow.

Most of us see feelings – like the blush in a pink rose.
Most of us see pain – like a child’s tear spilling into the road.
Most of us see people because we see that life is a joy,
but unfortunately,
there’s folk that don’t.

Authors Thoughts

We tend to meet many different people in life; some will be your friends for life, some will dip in and out of your journey, but sometimes, we have to let people go. We are all unique and use our minds in different ways to show the world who we really are.

You may meet people on your journey that will mould their personality around you and tell you what they think you need to hear. These people will agree with you and always be on your side. However, some people have different agenda’s, objectives and see you as a tool.

Be careful who you call a friend. Try and listen to your instincts and watch carefully at how they treat and speak about others.

We Are Just People – reflects on friends that see and treat people the same as you. Unfortunately, we as people will always come across individuals that can’t see or feel. Be careful of these signs; it might be wise to keep your distance.

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