We are all just trying to get along,
holding on,
working out the title of a new verse –
turning life into one final song.

Greeting faces with smiles,
offering a hand,
remembering the time when you had a little plan.

In with the old to replace the new;
some folk prefer the reverse,
a distinctive taste of the journey to be earned.

The beginning is all to learn.
The middle is muffled with things of concern.
The end has you teaching to anyone listening with a face filled with dotage.

Crossing into dimensional states,
entwined with genetic fate!
Tampering with the frequency of life’s tastes;
reaching out offering deluded grace.

Knowing all!
Is to know nothing
as the universe turns into waste.

Persistence, delivering consistency –
of life packed with anamnesis and lemon skies.

I’m ready to die.

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