#1 We are here to do something. Once you’ve finished, you quickly leave. Some of us hang on, some of us wait, some of us never complete what we came here to do.

#2 Life is a funny kind of thing. You get to do all kinds of crazy stuff. Face all your fears, wipe all your tears, enjoy all your smiles. It’s just an experience.

#3 You chose to be here. You chose your background to be born into; you chose a journey to fall into. You’re having a break from another reality, a different dimension.

#4 A soul mate is someone you already know. It’s like meeting them again, here for the first time. You fall in love again, feel each other’s connection. Some of us have decided to be together; some have decided to have a complete break from each other, some of us have agreed to meet up now and again but reject each other, some of us have decided to meet up with each other closer to the end.

#5 You’re not given a card, you chose the card.

#6 Can’t is just a word. Be a doer. Work things out, take your time and start small.

#7 Imagine being in a prison cell that is in a prison learning centre. The only way you’re getting out of all this is through death itself. It might be a good idea to live in prison and feel free, rather than living in a cell that’s part of another. Follow the rules.

#8 A heightened sensation of realisation can be accomplished through an emotional thought. This provokes a feeling which rewards the mind with significance.

#9 If you wanted to do all this again, how would you enter? Start from the bottom and rise to the top. Start at the top and point a finger, push this world forward? Be responsible for making a tiny change that will lead to something more prominent in the future? Which journey would be more rewarding in the end? That’s why you chose the way you did.

#10 Your children show you, remind you, tell you and pull on your hand. They are showing you to enjoy this reality, this journey, this moment, this time. Play with them, excite their imaginations and enjoy the path ahead you created.

Enjoy more wisdom here.

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