Is it real?
All of this!
A reality filled with senseless must.

The art of self seems like a world where everyone looks upon in felt.

Disturbed by the notion of everyone’s motion,
a deliberate injection of energies potion.

A journey that must be had!
No matter how sad.
A lesson to absorb.
A moment to be said.
Don’t forget to get out of bed.

Rejection and acceptance work as one
even if you know how life began.
Moulded into this!
A Desirable man that came here to deliver a new plan.

Feeling it all through frequencies of old,
while awakening ears of fortunate told.

Reality is real!
Reality is fake!
Reality is all a tiny mistake.

Awaiting the unfolding plan, written before the entrance by hand.

Softly feeling numb.
The complexity seems none.
Reality failing more than some.

Awaiting the darkness to come.

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