Spectating life through eyes that can think, create, and make choices is a fascinating venture. Looking out beyond the horizon and watching nature balance itself out; through a simple food chain system, brings with it so many advantages to different types of species.

It’s perfect, and everything seems equal, adapted, equipped and ready to deal with the natural environment it was born into.

So, where do human beings fit in?

We simply don’t. Our natural acute instincts have been replaced with feelings. Not just simple emotions but a complex mesh of personality types, traits and cognitive thought processes.

Where is the human natural balance? Our intellectual capacity which provokes feeling, makes us choose many acts within our environment; that leads to high levels of death rates.

Some of these include;

  • War
  • Crime
  • Diet
  • Extreme sports
  • Accidents
  • Engineering
  • Religion
  • Poor Education
  • Employment
  • Transport system
  • Drugs
  • Hospitals
  • Disease

These categorized pockets of social structures, bring increased risk to human life. A wave of balance is maintained periodically to help keep our numbers down. More importantly, humans bring even more balance to themselves because they can’t maintain the simple act of negotiation. Human emotions overpower their decisions to act in a responsible way to each other and the living planet they dwell on.

We have become a problem with all our surroundings and nature itself. Society is failing the development of the human species because those with power or attain it, rely on an emotion called greed. This resorts to humans who enjoy ignorance.

Rather than work together to create harmony with all life on Earth. A small percent of humans feel that they do not want to be equal. They like the feeling of power, wealth, luxury and elite status. They promote war, slavery, pain and suffering to keep them in a position of power.

Most are driven by a number on a bank statement, they have become misers, which is a trait that will follow them to the gravestone.

They alone could change the human path tomorrow, but I feel that all will be lost; because they can not see the future. An underground home will only save them in the long term.

The public need to come together and inject their own money into devising a plan that will save their children’s, children from a devastating future. The public does not need a Government charging huge tax rates. For example, the public can create a new education system that will teach their children things they have only forgotten.

  • Alternative energy
  • Organic living
  • Natural Farming that works with nature
  • A highly free advanced education system
  • Subjects like Politics, Psychology and the banking system needs to be taught at a younger age
  • Kids need to understand their position in society sooner.

This is a small starting point.

So, what’s the message?

A thinking species with the power to communicate to all living things have a responsibility to create balance on a global scale. We need to think about what we are capable of; to give back, not to take.

Humans are capable of learning to be selfless. The question should be to all people; what are you doing to give back? Why should your name be in the history books of the future?

We can change and bring back balance. However, we can’t wait for a Government that is ruled by money and power; the Government has minimal control over it. People need more control over society in order to sustain our future.

We need to act today.

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